Why July to me? (Mini rants)

Good news at my dentist appointment: my crown chipped near the bottom and it’s going to have to be replaced. The dentist said she’d do it for free so at least I have that to look forward to.

I just found some app on Google for roadside assistance. It knew my location because of GPS. I entered my CC# and told them I had a flat tire and which tire was flat without even having to talk to a stranger. I hate phone calls like this so that’s a plus in my book.

Although it’s taking a while to get help. They said my job had to be reassigned. Pending updates…

Yeah. That happened.

Roadside assistance couldn’t have been faster or friendlier. The poor guy was scared too. But it took him all of 5 minutes. Never even had to leave my car. And yes he got a big tip!

My stepson and older stepdaughter both have their birthdays in July, so we’re getting together for dinner tonight to celebrate. I ordered pizza and my wife made a cake. Stepdaughter and her kids are vegans, so I ordered from a pizza place that has vegan options.

Their online menu has a “vegan vegetarian” pizza that is supposedly made with Daiya fake cheese, but when I looked at the order details I saw that it had their regular cheese blend. So I switched it to the Daiya cheese then suddenly the price jumped three bucks!

And also the delivery guy just showed up at the door with the pizzas, 30 minutes before the delivery time I had specified. WTF? :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

All I will say is that I have had Daiya cheese on a pizza in the past and it’s really not bad at all. I even had it with a gluten-free crust. (This was at a place in Burien, WA called Bison Creek Pizza, they could make anything taste good.)

I get why it’s illegal in some places. 1 time, the bush in front of our house caught fire on 4th of July!

that’s a fresh, hot pizza!

Yes, I know you responding to something else.

What’s the name of the app you used? It sounds really convenient!


Worth every penny.

^ Thx!

In the grand scheme of things, my rant sure is mini.

Dearest student. You are in your second year of college. Now, I know computer programming can be pretty daunting sometimes, but you really should be comfortable with finding directories at this point.

If I write, “C:\Program Files\Your Name” I don’t literally mean “Your Name”, so don’t type that in, it won’t work. I mean your name. The one your parents gave you. If you’d read and retained the paragraph before that, it might help you.

But I will smile and I will patiently explain, because the good students make it all worthwhile.

Obligatory Animal House link.

Computers are sticklers for precision. So are cake decorators:

You’d probably get a kick out of Cake Wrecks.

And now my car has decided to flick the check engine light on and start acting like it wants to stall out. I need to stop letting my items see the numbers in my bank account.

Thank you. I have to say, some of the ones from health care workers are borderline NSFW - but VERY funny.

One of my sisters chose to sponge off mom, do drugs and have a bunch of kids from random one night stands as a lifestyle. Mom enabled her and at age 60, sister is still living with mom, no rent or any other responsibilities involved. All of her children have moved out though, so there is that.

Tuesday would be my dad’s birthday, and Mom goes to his grave in Riverside, CA to visit. She also gathers up as many of her daughters and grands, etc. that she can.

This year, she was going to fly to Vegas to spend a few days with druggy sister’s kids before one of them was going to drive her to Riverside for the reunion. (Do remember that Mom basically raised these children as well as paying their way through college, everything they have now is because of her.)

The granddaughter she was going to stay with got mad at her sister, neither of them will talk to the other and it appears that Mom is going to fly to Vegas, sit in the airport and wait until I can get there from central AZ and drive her to Riverside. They won’t even let her wait for me in one of their homes.

I was planning on going to Riverside, didn’t really want to go to Vegas but whatever. I’m OK with that, its the blatant disrespect that entire part of the family shows their benefactor that pisses me off. Even worse is the knowledge that while we are in CA, at least one of them is going to call Mom because they are having a crisis that can only be solved by Mom throwing money at it, which she will do.

The whole situation just pisses me off, but nothing I can do about it but smoke a lot of weed and keep my mouth shut. I’ll only be in Nevada long enough to get to the airport and then back over the border so I probably won’t have to use a vape pen which is a good thing. I’m old school and like da bud.

My elderly mother went to the ER after each injection, but they dealt with it with fluids and symptom treatments.
Good luck.

I’ve had two shredded tires over the years. One was in the freeway in the middle of Bumfuck San Joaquin Valley, fortunately right near one of the many small towns along the way. The entire tread ripped off, leaving the tire on the wheel. But in the process of ripping off the tread, it also took out part of the fender. But I was able to drive to a tire place in the town and replace the tire. The other one was on a busy road in town, where the whole tire just shredded. I couldn’t drive on the rim, so I had to call my road assistance for help, but the guy with the tow truck got lost and I sat around for hours till he showed.

Sweet lord… The current Jeopardy! Champion says “What” for every answer. Every fucking one. Even when “who” or “where” or even “when” would work. “What.” Every goddamned time.

Matt something or other… God, I hate him. Please, lose soon…