Why kill the well???

The well is under control. Reconnect the pipes and give the oil it produces to the people of the Gulf States. Let them use any and all profits to restore the economy and ecology of the Gulf States.

Is there time to stop an even greater mistake?


The well pipe may be damaged in ways that they can’t detect. It’s had a lot of trauma and who knows where else it is weak or compromised. Basically, it can’t be trusted.

Discovery of second pipe in Deepwater Horizon riser stirs debate among experts

When BP off the riser to put the current cap on, one of these drill pipes disappeared. Presumably it rattled on down the well hole to an unknown depth, causing unknown damage on the way down.
The well is in an undetermined and possibly precarious state.

This. The well is toast. It can’t safely be used to extract oil at all. That doesn’t mean that we lose all the oil at that location – once the crisis is over, a new production well will be drilled to tap the existing reservoir. And that well will provide BP some of the revenue they’ll need to pay their mounting costs for the spill response, which includes paying for restoring and cleaning up the gulf.

It’s him or us!!

Where the hell did this mystery pipe come from? Thats pretty damn odd.

Article give somes ideas, but still…

Some other oil company might do that. Somehow I suspect BP is going to lose its lease to drill in the Macondo Prospect.

If there are 2 relief wells and they kill it with the first well then wouldn’t the 2nd well be available to drill on down to a productive level?

I don’t see why not. Hopefully they will install a blowout preventer on this well that actually works.

I read somewhere that BP’s original plan was to complete the installation of the original well and come back to it sometime in the future for production purposes. It was a complete surprise to them that the well was so productive–ironically so, as it turned out.

My understanding of the reservoir status based on an article last week in the Houston Chronicle is that the reservoir has been determined by BP to NOT be of a size large enough to warrant the expense of developing the pipeline infrastructure required to link it to an existing network. From what I’ve read they will plug and abandon the previously blown out and relief wells, thus essentially abandoning the reservoir altogether, at least for the forseeable future.

The article went on to mention that other leaseholders in the blocks next to BP’s my have a legal right to sue BP, both for the value of oil that might have escaped from that particular reservoir having migrated from their block and potentially for damage to the reservoir itself.

The article further brought up the possibility that BP may be required to pay royalties on the oil that’s come from the reservoir, both that that’s escaped and that that’s been collected by skimming and the containment domes.

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They killed the well because it’s good PR. In awhile after the next crisis takes hold BP will quitely go in and reactivate it and it will be on page 10 of the paper or a 10 second side note on the news.

And if BP doesn’t do it, eventually someone else will do it.

And if all goes well, it’ll be forgotten.

If you still have a link to the article please post it. I’d like the reference.

And how do you propose these mustache-twirling oilmen would “reactivate” a well full of cement?

Thermal lance, down the borehole. Melt that concrete right outta there! :wink:

Cement not concrete :wink:

Looks like the well is now hydrostatically under control , at last.

Whew, I thought this would be a rant on Obamacare.

All the news items say they plan to use cement. Are they misusing the technical term and reallly plan to inject concrete? Cement is actually the gray powder that gets mixed with aggregate and water to make concrete.

I think they use the cement as a binder for the drilling mud, making mudcrete.

In related news, at the 4pm CBS radio blurb news, it was said that 3/4 of the oil from the BP spill was “gone”, by burning, cleaning up onshore, and, well, dispersal. What does “gone” mean here? I’m tying it in with this thread, wondering if it is all PR cleanup, vs real well killing and cleanup.