Why lick the salt?

I meant to post this earlier…A few weeks ago, Mr. Rilch decided to cure his cold with tequila. It worked! But there’s another mystery. He’s not a tenth of the drinker I am (he was a jock, and took his training seriously, all through HS and college) so I had to warn him off drinking tequila on the rocks(!). I explained that tequila should be taken with orange juice, as I was going to do, or in shots. He opted for the shots, so I had to explain the “salt it slam it suck it” ritual to him. (He’d never heard of it. Where did he hang out before I met him?) He understood that you slam it so it won’t burn your throat, and you suck the lemon so the tequila won’t make a round trip, but I have no clue as to why you lick salt off your hand first. No one we know can explain it either. What gives?

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As a salt lover, there are many out there as myself who have sliced up lemons and put salt on them where the sour and salty taste is a great flavor experience except that persistent chewing of lemon segments can contribute to enamel loss.

You lick the salt because it is too coarse to snort.


Because the salt likes it.

Because it’s too hard for the salt to lick you.

Funny, when I was in college, I only drank straight shots of tequila, never any wussy salt/lemon stuff.

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Maybe to mask the nasty ass taste of tequila?

I have also had some shot’s called “Adios Motherfucker” Tequila with a layer of tobasco or other hot sauce on the top, the hot sauce makes the pores in your mouth open up, and in comes the alcohol…

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That’s right brdrcolle, the only way to drink

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I thought I was the only one who did that! Aside from adding fresh lime juice to almost all of my food (seriously), I often salt limes just to enjoy that taste you speak of. Of course, having this little habit, “extra whitening” toothpaste is the only option.

oops- oh, yes, the salt is to numb your tongue before the tequila hits it. Of course, if it is fine tequila, this would ruin the taste. But when knocking back the cheap stuff, the salt helps, especially if you get a whiff of the tequila before its satisfying nastiness hits your mouth.

Seadiver is right…salt in a straight quantity will numb your taste buds…and kills some of the taste of the tequila…but after a couple of shots…who needs the salt or the lemon?

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Cecil explains:


Rilchiam, you are definitely not doing this right. Here’s the proper way to drink a shot of tequila with Mr. Rilch.
[li]Hold a slice of lemon between your teeth, rind side in, fruit side sticking out a bit.[/li]
[li]Tilt your head slightly to the side.[/li]
[li]Mr. Rilch then licks the your neck just below the ear, salts the licked area, licks the salt, slams the shot and sucks the lemon, which you are still holding firmly between your teeth.[/li][/ul]
Now you know the real reason the salt is licked!

Where I come from, we call that a “body shot.” Now go enjoy the recovery process :wink:

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