Why Live Journal?

I’ve seen a number of threads about people’s Live Journals, and I’m curious why people like that site. I’m not asking about why you journal, I think I know why you do it, but why you like that site best. Or is it just appealing because it’s better known than other journaling sites? I started one, and I realized that I hated the format, so I abandoned it after one entry in favor of Open Diary. I prefer the OD format 100 times over LJ’s. Does anyone else prefer Open Diary? Or would you prefer to have red hot iron filings shoved under your fingernails than participate in any public journaling site?
psst…I’ll show you mine if you show me yours (your journal or diary, of course:) )

I LiveJournal, mainly because I was introduced to it by my cousin. I’ve never even heard of OpenBook. Out of curiosity, what are the main differences between LJ and OB? What’s so good about the format?

I LiveJournal due to my friends introducing me to it. I enjoy it because I have the friends page! Matter of fact, it’s my homepage, and I go back to it often. It sure beats having to go looking at everyone else’s individual sites. Also, the client is really neat. Just fire that up, and type while you’re waiting for a page to load. And the mood icons are pretty cute. :slight_smile: I like my little fox.

What do you enjoy so much about open diary?

What I like about Open Diary is that: you can choose any background you want(there are about 40 to choose from, or you can link to your own); that there is a main page that allows for an introduction to your diary and has links to each entry-by-date seperately, with its own title, so you can choose which one you want to read without scrolling through all of them; the diaries have an indicator of the author’s age, gender, and location, which is nice to know where they’re coming from; anyone can leave notes about what you’re wrote, and people with their own OD’s can choose to be automatically linked so you can find theirs easily…

I found the place through this board,
actually by a thread Opal had started,
so that’s why it become that place.
And it’s a great place to be in,
it’s fun to write there
and comunicate with other people,
also to get to know new people too.

I too found it through Opal’s thread. I just stay with LiveJournal because, to me, I have too many journal entries to suddenly abandon it and go to another online diary. I’m sure if I found OpenDiary first, I would have stuck with that.