Why must the CA Marijuana Proposition...

…be numbered 19?

I hate the number 19. It is the stupidest number imaginable.

19 is not fit to sit in 20’s shoes, let alone 16, 18 or 21. 22 (another dorky number) may pretend to be 19’s friend, but 22 is like 33, they don’t cave in to peer pressure. (I’ve never seen 22 & 33 hanging out with 19 at the mall together – wonder why that is exactly?) And as for 17 and 23…oh man, do not even go there. 17 & 23 are beyond legend.

19 may be odd and prime, but so is 41, and who’s ever heard of 41? (Okay, I do feel bad for 41, living in the shadow of its famous next-door neighbor. But I don’t hear 43 complaining, do you?) 19 – nineteen – do you spell it in letters or numbers? So bloody awkward. Has anyone ever wished to be 19 again? Of course not. Why would they?

There are 3 wise men, 7 deadly sins, 12 days of Christmas, 13 in a baker’s dozen, 16 Tons, 24 Hours, 31 Flavors, 64 squares on a chessboard, 99 bottles of beer on the wall, and even 101 Dalmatians. Now, fill in the blank: 19 _____. Go ahead, I dare ya. Can’t do it, can ya? I rest my case!

So now, the CA initiative to legalize marijuana will make 19 a historic number. I’m sorry, but I just can’t see myself lighting up a big fat bowl and saying, “Here’s to 420, 215 and…19!” Uh-uh, ain’t gonna happen. I’m tempted to vote against Prop 19 just so we’ll get a better number next time. Who’s with me on this?

If it’s a good enough number for Steely Dan, it’s good enough for me.

Because 19 is prime, man! Primo numero. You dig?

th Nervous Breakdown? I don’t know - if you worked 215 and 420 into your routine, you can get 19 in there. And that would just about complete your lotto ticket. I’m a 19 fan because I was born on the 19th and grew up in house number 19, and did so during the 20th century.

This thread is really going to piss off Potassium.

Because 420 was already taken. (OK, technically that’s a senate bill rather than a prop but still)

Umm…no offense, but you do know what 420 (aka 4/20) and 215 (aka Prop 215) refer to, right? Or are you square, man? Harshin’ my buzz, man? :wink:

Good call on 19th Nervous Breakdown, but please note that you had to stretch it to “19th” instead of “19”. Like saying, “4th of July” or “Fourth and Goal”, because you can’t come up with something like “Four Score and Seven Years Ago”. Catch what I’m sayin’ man?

It’s cool though, it’s cool. Any dude with the second most righteous number in the world is cool, automatically cool. Here ya go man, toke on this…

Yes. I’m saying if you got used to 420 (which has been slang for a long time) and 215 (all the way back to 1996), you can get used to 19. It’s not like there’s something intrinsically stoner-y about the other numbers.


We shall see. 4/20 predates me, and 215 is a very pretty number regardless of association, but as for 19…well, I’ll wait and see how my pot buddies react. If they start giving props to 19 as well as 215 (props to the props?) then I’ll probably relent. :cool:

Product 19? Some of us are already calling the stuff “product”.

Guess you ain’t a Dark Tower fan.

In Vietnam, the average age of the combat soldier was 19. 19.*

*or so a song claimed, anyway.

I’ve read most of it, but don’t recall 19…can you refresh my my memory?

If you read most of it, that means you missed out* on the last few books where the number 19 was prevalent.

It’s because the original initiative to legalize weed, in 1972, was the original Proposition 19. I like it, it’s a nice subtle shout out.

Are they using a lot of retro posters? Because that would be cool.