Why must you lie to me, Pizza man?

Due to the recent demise of my fridge I have no food in my house. I also managed to lose my credit and atm cards several days ago, so fast food is not a option. So I have not eaten anything today, and only breakfast yesterday.

Prepared to pay by chip and give you a large tip I order from your fine establishment. You tell me 35-45 minutes like you always do. It is always over an hour, and I am used to it. But today because of the desparate hunger clouding my senses I believed you. I prevented shut down of my body by promising that within 47 minutes I would be throwing the sustanance of the gods down my throat as fast as possible.

57 minutes and 12…13…14…15 seconds now. I sit here waiting for my pizza, with limbs growing heavy as my emergency lifeforce is quickly being drained. If I starve to death I am not leaving you a tip! :mad:

That’s supposed to be ‘pay by check’ not ‘pay by chip’, as I do not live inside a casino. Brain functioning already failing.

You could always start eating the grass in your yard if you’re really that hungry. But I hope your pizza gets there for you before you fall over and die.

Was it Pizza Slut? The last time I ordered from them (and I do mean the last time), it took two and a half friggin’ hours! I called them back after about 1.25 hours and cancelled the order. The guy showed up another 1.25 hours later. I told him he could keep it, and I’ve never ordered from them since.

Pizzas here!!!


pizza half gone. further updates as needed

On front #2, my pizza is digesting nicely. For now…

wolfman, I don’t know you at all. I am not attempting to cast aspersions on your character. I will appologize in advance for anything offensive that I am about to say, and I don’t have a location so I can’t do the time math but it looks like it’s maybe late in the day on a Friday wherever you are.

Every customer who ever had a problem with the time it took me to deliver a pizza had called “at least an hour ago”. I understand that this is pretty much equivalent to the police experience of every drunk driver they pull over having had “two beer”. Sometimes I would take their order, make the pizza, put it into the oven and then have to run to the phone and have it be the same customer telling me that he’d ordered “half an hour ago”, despite the fact that it had been five minutes.

Have you, in any possible sense of the word, been drinking?

I ask only because that was a common thread among the folks I had to deal with who felt that their food had arrived way too late to be of any benefit.

If not, then you should have held out for a freebie at the least. I’ve worked with the idiot who couldn’t get your food to you in under an hour if you lived next door to the restaurant.

Wow, I have a lot of stuff here, I’m gonna go start my own thread.

I hope you enjoy the pizza.

Upon complete consumption of the pizza my senses returned to the point at which I realized I had Pizza in my Stomach on Friday without the accompanying beer(the no fridge thing again) which is clearly wrong. Having just gotten back from correcting that(thank god for the few kind bar owners who will actually keep a running tab for a couple days), it appears I may very well survive.

Strange Simulpost hehe, but no I had not been drinking before. And it had been over an hour. The 57 minute and 15 second thing was litteral because I was so damn hungry and fixated I started my stopwatch after I called.

Well okay then. Sorry about your fridge, and good for you for finding bars which will run a tab!

They are the backbone of society. Stupid spineless society.

Stopwatches are cool.

Why, yes, I’ve been drinking too. Why do you ask?