Why my Friday sucked

On Thursday my new PC parts arrived from Newegg. I was excitied to assemble my new computer. I haven’t built one in about 4 years. The last one I build was a Slot A system and the fan was already attached to the CPU.

I double checked how to install the Heatsink and fan and thought I installed it correctly. I tried to power on the system bu no go. I checked and everything seemed tight. I switched the power switch connector around still go no, but then the ram fell out.

So I realized that the RAM wasn’t properly seated. I unplugged the power supply from the wall and holding up on the board because there was no screw hoels near the ram area I got the memory in.

I plugged the power supply back in and still go no.

I thought my supply might be bad so I took my never before used still in the shrink-wrap AOPEN powerssuply and opened it. The supply was about 3 years old but had the SATA power supply on it and the right connectors.

Something in the back of my mind said don’t plug it into the computer just yet. I attached the AC cord to the supply after making sure it was not set to 220. I heard a humming from it. I thought that’s odd and peered through the top fan into the supply.

I don’t know what made me do that. Suddenly there was an orange “explosion” and I smelled burnt electronics. I unplugged the supply and cursed.

Saturday I bought an Antec supply and a supply tester to test the original supply. It came back as having levels within range but when i tested it I noticed 2 pins were are the wrong height. I fixed that then tried the system again and it powered on.

So tonight I will be putting the rest together and seeing if it still powers up.