Why no Monopoly for Android?

My #1 most desired App for my Droid is Monopoly where I can play against other Android users. How come nothing like this exists? I’d gladly pay $10 for it or even more if it’s well-designed.

EA put out Monopoly Here & Now, but even the hardest AI setting is woefully easy to beat.

Has anyone seen this anywhere? If not, does its non-existence have something to do with the rights to the game?

It might be because it takes forever to play. I suppose if Scrabble can exist on Android, so can Monopoly.

Horse hockey. A now-defunct website I used to frequent had multiplayer Monopoly. Most of the players (including me) were speed-gamers. We could wrap up a two-player game in a little over 5 minutes.

Right, but not everyone is a speed gamer.


He mentioned “Here And Now” already.

Only…it doesn’t. There’s no official Scrabble app on Android, just two or three knockoffs. It seems that all the Hasbro/parker Brothers games are iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) only. I think they have a deal, so they might never come to Android…Monopoly is also Parker Brothers, so there you go.

Eh. Works for me. The knockoffs are pretty good.

Monopoly is pretty easy to knock off, as well, though. It seems odd that no one has done it.

Unless there is a web version that works well enough that no one wants to bother…