Why no new answers from Cecil?

Seems like 99.9% of the time it’s all “Straight Dope Classics”? Did Cecil die, get tired of answering new questions, has no new questions worthy of his time or figured he’s not needed anymore since Google is so easy to use?

Cecil writes one column a week, which is put on the Straight Dope website on Fridays. For the other weekdays, yes, there are Straight Dope Classic columns. So, four days of Classics, and one day of Current, plus two days of no change in columns.

December 6, 2012

Somebody needs to give Cecil a Suu-u-u-u-u-uper genius grant so that Little Ed can hire a minion to get the Staff Reports running again. Or maybe a smart corporation would consider a multi-year sponsorship.

I heard Cecil works at the North Poll from early November through late December each year. That might explain why he’s been a little busy.

This is an election year, after all. But Santa seems to win every year.

Seconded. I miss the Staff Reports. They were like the regular columns, but better. :stuck_out_tongue:

“Cecil is dead.” – Nietzsche

I too would love to see the Staff Reports come back.

Nietzshe is dead. At least Cecil still shows up once a week.

I did see a comment, some time back somewhere, that Cecil has found it advisable to become much more selective in the sort of questions he chooses to answer, for just this reason. A lot of answers to a lot of the questions he used to take back in the olden days are now just a google search away.

Yes, the selection process has become more difficult because so much is so easily found with quick internet searching. Lots of the earliest staff reports, for instance, were pretty much done by fairly simple internet searching.

However, Cecil continues to write one weekly column every Friday, so it’s only 80% (M-T-W-Th) that are “classic.” But the super-availability of information does mean that he has a stronger tendency towards the weird nowadays. He’s always had that to some extent, of course, but I think it’s becoming more pronounced.

But the Google search often leads back to Cecil, so maybe his work is not in vain.

Well, it’s called “Straight Dope.” To me that means there is as plethora of misinformation people can easily get on the internet but people still need a trusted source to distill it all down to the “straight dope” people want.

Have you seen some of those wikianswers?

Are you saying that some form of senility is beginning to set in? Or Cecil’s previously unknown fetishes are coming to the forefront?