Why no significant lottery pool sites?

I poked around a bit, found plenty of evidence of workplace pools, but didn’t find any structured web based lottery pools. A quick parousal of the CA lottery rules did not turn up any rules against it, so why the lack of such sites?

There are plenty of reasons to run one, for example, lottery retailers do recieve a portion of the proceeds from sales and major wins, seems like someone would be all over it.

Structurally there are already methods for paying out to pools, even if restricted in size like 100 persons IIRC for CA lottery. Would be a simple enough matter to form 100 person clusters and be far more likely to generate some serious potential excited customers over one of those pools hitting a jackpot. Even if that meager 50 million jackpot only gives 100 people $20K/year per person for 26 years…gee, tragic.

Here’s one: http://alottoluck.netfirms.com/

I personally wouldn’t trust some random website with my money and I imagine that’s why they’re not more popular.