Powerball Dopers, get in here.

I’ve been thinking of starting a SDMB Powerball pool, but the logistics would obviously be a nightmare. Soooooo…

Shall we just post our numbers for shits and giggles or is a pool plausable?

And, I’ll take this opportunity to show my signature which is neither witty nor instructive but appropriate only in this context.

1, 13, 22, 26, 37 25

I know, I know, it’s just a tax on people who can’t do math. It’s my $104 dollar a year daydream.

My, that is an ironically appropriate sig.


I just let the computer pick em. I figure it’s got at least as good a chance as I do, and is faster.

Wow. I didn’t know NurseCarmen was psychic…

Well NurseCarmen was a big loser whereas Bruce_Daddy was a big winner with

12 35 40 41 53 | 01 and PP - 2 for a grand total of $8. whee.

Anyway, nobody won so it’s up to $57,000,000. I hope it goes on one of those runs like it did around Christmas.

What was the latest high-mark? 287 Million seems to sit in my mind.

Is fantasizing about what you would do with 287 million dollars worth a couple bucks a week?

Absolutely in my book.

**raises hand as an 8K winner a few years back. It was a play three and had just bought a house. I was happy.