Why no Slovenia bashing?

Those Alpine dimwits dropped out of the Coalition of the Willing, inspite of an honest attept by the U.S. government to pay them off.

War Money Accidentally Offered to Peaceful Slovenia
In a country of about two million, that would have been…well…it would have been enough to feed everyone in the nation for an hour! I won’t be sympathetic when I see the inevitable footage of Slovenians children deprived of a snack! Their army could have bought a second tank! If Hungary ever revived their claims eastern Slovenia, I am sure they would be changing their tune.

This sort of treachery should come as no surprise. First, they give towns names such as Ljubljana, Ptuj, and Crna - that are impossible for any real American to pronounce. Second, they sneakily make their name nearly identical to another nation Slovakia (Iraq and Iran of course use this terroristic ruse as well). Slovenia undoubtedly derives half of its tourist income from hapless retirees who planned on seeing Bratislava instead.

What should we do to remedy this? I say we should send a message to the Slovene street. According to Lonely Planet, their favorite snack is called 'struklji". I move it should be called “freedom nibbles” instead. Also, particularly dirty and unkempt individuals should be described as “Slovenly”. That should hurt them!


Struklji-eating peaceniks!

No, just doesn’t have rhythm…

Slovenia, Slovenia, the folks there all have uremia.

Well, it has rhythm, anyway.


There! Happy now?

Hey, they basically sat out the War of Independence in the 90’s, letting the Croats and Muslims do the dying. Why expect them to grow balls now?

Um…psssst Brutus,
** syncrolecyne ** wasn’t serious. He was either using the “tongue-in-cheek” style of posting,or possibly using sarcasm to chide fellow SDMB’ers for participating in the various bashing that has been rampant on this board. Maybe both. Now,scamper away to a thread that is more up to your speed. Shoo… :rolleyes:


The reason they didn’t have to fight that war was that they could see the coming conflict and prepared.

They obtained weapons, they effectively created an army independant of central control, and one whicjh was theirs to command, and finally they made sure of their tactics in advance.

The result was that they trapped the Serb expeditionary army in a couple of very steep sided long valleys, whilst the well prepared Slovenes were on the top looking down on them.

Had the Serb army decided to fight it would have been a massacre, and shortly after this Serbia announced that Slovenia was an ‘ethnicly special case’ and would be allowed to secede from the Yugo federation.

That does not seem like a lack of balls to me.

See, using ones head is generally a better strategy than ignoring lots of good advice and careering off on militaristic adventures.

Please hold of on bashing this guy until after we’ve smoked Texas tonight.

Man, I’d nibble his struklji… :smiley:

Everybody knows that Slovenia is run by an unstable dictator who has built at least 7 thermonuclear weapons. The USA props up the regime because it is dependent on their supply of broccoli salad and mushrooms in sour cream (gobe v kisli smetani). Ultimately, the US/UK coalition will extend its hegemony to take over the wineries of Albania, at which time Slovenia’s nukular arsenal will be used to impose a proxy coup d’etat and establish a pizza-based economy.