Why not believe in God?

I thought the idea of the holy trinity was that Jesus was in fact both the son of God and and also God himself (one aspect of God, anyway).

I’m nor arguing it’s true or even makes sense, but that’s what thought the concept entailed. Corrections welcome, of course.

To quote the late Linda Smith:
If god wanted us to believe in him, he’d exist.

Thanks for the leads.

It’s been said before, but it needs repeated - Which one? Cernunnos? Dagda? Lugh Lamfada? Manannan Mac Lir? Danu? One of the Morrigu? All three of the Morrigu? Odin? Saturn? FSM? Jupiter? Loki? Grandmother Toad?

I understand that Ra, the Sun God, makes the Sun rise each morning. That’s infinitely more effort than the Judae-Xtian-Muslim God shows.

All hail Ra!

Repent, blasphemer. Hail Helios!

Since I have the links to answer the OP, I’ll digress.

Ra was feeling a bit randy, so he went to a club and picked up a girl. They went back to her place and had sex. Lots and lots of sex. For days, non-stop. Finally Ra is satisfied. The woman says, ‘My god, who are you?’ Ra says, ‘I am Ra!’ The woman says, ‘You think you’re raw, what about me?

So anyway, Thor was feeling a bit randy… :smiley:

You missed the one true creator - The Flying Spaghetti Monster.

If you force yourself to believe in God just to stay in his good graces, wouldn’t he know that and still shun you? Do you really need to honestly believe? And if so, is that something you can force yourself to do?

And caused lots of pain for the Invisible Man.

You mean the one between Saturn and Jupiter? :smiley:


Even brillianter!

Once again the spiteful immature people can not stay out of a serious general question. It’s borderline as a general question, and you’re determined to spoil it like you always do. Show some respect for the persons trying to answer this topic.

No, it was definitely a GQ. I asked who said it, and I asked for cites of arguments against the premise. I’ve gotten factual answers to those questions.

I was serious. There are more faiths than just Judaism, Islam, and Christianity so the basis of Pascal’s Wager is flawed. “Why not believe in the tribal god of one group of people in the Middle East” is how I read the question. I respond that there are dozens of other tribal deities that are more closely related to my people that the same question could be asked of.
Why risk eternal reincarnation and missing out on a chance at the Summer Country to believe in an angry and vengeful god of the desert people?

Having faith in something and belief are two different things when it comes to God. The line is thin to be sure, but there is a distinction. I don’t have time to go into my conclusion, but here’s the gist:

Belief requires evidence.

Faith does not.

So you can only believe in a God based on coming to a logical, even philosophical conclusion. But that’s not good enough. The God of Judah requires faith. When He says jump, you say “off what cliff?”. Assuming He exists and you can actually ‘hear’ him.

A scary proposition this “faith”.

I thought the OP with the broken link was a GD disguised as a GQ, and completely rhetorical; a big “Why can’t you just STFU and go along with us?”, which although a question, doesn’t really want a serious answer.
If you want to call people names like “spiteful” and “immature”, I think you’re in the wrong forum.

Just wanted to add, there is no assuming when it comes to faith. It’s 100% illogical, and you have no reason whatsoever to have faith in things you cannot falsify. Hinging your faith on you beliefs is a slippery slope.

So, you can’t choose what you believe, but you can choose to have faith or not. Choose to have faith in something, then see what happens. Don’t expect to gather any empirical, repeatable evidence though, if God himself comes to you in a burning shrubbery, then it’ll be for you only, and you can now add that to your belief kitty. But it won’t do anyone else any good. And the faith needs to come before the belief.

No cites, just my informed conclusion. I was raised in a very Christian household, and have been involved in a church all my life. No burning shrubbery yet. :dubious:

I see it as a general question, and I’d like it to stay as a general questions. Any questions that mention God end up in great debates, because people can’t refrain from arguing out of the boundaries that will send it there. The question as asked is excellent. I didn’t mention specific posters, but look at the posts and you will see irrelevant subjects posted, and I wasn’t referring to the which gods are meant posts. In fact I didn’t refer to any of the posts by persons that have responded to my post.

IIRC, Bertrand Russell once said of Pascal that he deserved to go to Hell for his intellectual cynicism… but I haven’t been able to confirm that through Googling.