Why not separate PREVIEW and SUBMIT buttons?

More than a few times I move my mouse to click Preview and, in my passioned frenzy to slay ignorance, I click Submit instead. This happens because the two buttons are so close to each other.

I suggest that instead of having them both centered, have one justified right and the other justified left? It doesn’t seem that it would hurt anything.

And I doubt that I’m the only one who has made this mistake.

Just a suggestion…

I’ve made the same mistake myself. Unfortunately I don’t think it can be changed, it’s just past of the vBulletin format.

The irony! It burns!

See!?! It’s those damn buttons.

And how can it be possible that they can’t be changed?

Because if it is hardcoded into the board program, any changes will be undone every time a new update comes out.

Couldn’t it be done as part as a more fundamental update. Obviously, I know squat about programming, but hell, it seems so minor.

No, because the updates come from vBulletin, the originator of the messageboard software. Every time there is a major update, it reloads the software with a version that doesn’t have any of the changes we might make to our specific copy. Everything would be undone each time we update.

I was about to write up a javascriptlet that you could stick in a custom js file for your browser when I noticed that each button has an access key. I suggest you test these out in this forum before venturing into the wild…=)

Typing alt + s will submit your message and typing alt + p will preview your message. They are on complete opposite ends of the keyboard and have decently logical letter-name assocations so this should be a good fix.

alt + s on the search page will submit your search and alt + r will reset the form fields. These also work for the FAQ.

Hey, it works! (Preview)
And now to post.

Nice one, alterego!

I have a Mac. I don’t have an “alt”. Can it still work?

There’s probably a little “Alt” on the top left of the Option keys. But if there isn’t, the Alt keys are the Option keys.

Another Mac user here. Control-P works to preview. If you see this, then Control-S worked for submit.

Hm, does this work on my Mac?

OK, the results of that test: alt-s gives me the German sharp S, ß (the one that looks like a beta). Command-s (the cloverleaf/open-apple) brings up the “save” menu. Control-S submits.

You have just discovered a new principle, which in your honor will be named Wolfian’s Corollary to Gaudere’s Law. :slight_smile: