Why on EARTH do you need a house that big ?

“Why on EARTH do you need a house that big ? Some struggling family probably needs those extra bedrooms.”

There is so much wrong with that sentence, yet my husband just grunted.

So since my dear, grunting husband didn’t see fit to respond to your crappy comment about the new place we’re renting, allow me.

You’re right, we don’t need a house that big. We never said we did. We cope just fine with a two-bedroom flat, but two-bedroom houses are quite rare. And to be honest, we own a lot of crap and would like the extra space. If we got rid of our toys, we could probably manage in a studio apartment if we had to. We survived for a year on just what we could carry on our own backs, so truly, we probably don’t even need a studio, just one room with a stove and a hole for a toilet and a wash-bucket would probably suffice. Shit, we saw enough people with barely more than that when we were travelling, so I’m sure we’d survive.

But the fact remains that we would like more space and are prepared to pay for it. We didn’t “steal” a house from some poor struggling family. It’s a renter’s market right now, allowing anyone their pick, often with a fortnight’s rent free. And even if it was a tough time to find a place to rent, I still don’t see the problem. The landlord wants $X for his place, we are happy to pay $X, we have an excellent rental history, no pets, stable jobs, good payment history, etc. Win-win, see. Or should we step back and live in a tiny dump, even though we can afford better, because we haven’t got enough dependants to fill the ‘spare’ rooms to your approval ? Like hell.

How about you just shut up, if you can’t say something nice about it ? Or better yet, since we can’t change you, we’ll change ourselves and that’s the last time you get updated about any minute aspect of our lives from us, Mrs Ultra-Negative Whiner.

Now this is odd - you’re being scolded for buying a two-bedroom house?? Tell you what - I’ll trade you a weekend in your dwelling in beautiful Australia, and y’all can camp out in our 4-bedroom big-ass house with no view or trees - located in the roughlands North of Dallas, TX. Deal?
You tell them where to go, Goo. :wink:

Tell ‘em to fuck off, Goo. You two can afford it, then go for it. A home is a home because you want it that way and that’s how you make it – and damn those doubters tryin’ to package people onto ready-made boxes and categories.

I live alone. In a three-bedroomed house. Anyone tells me I’m selfish can go sod off and jump off the tall cliffs, mate.

Good on you.

No Blonde, we’re being scolded for renting a three-bedroom house. We’re currently renting a two-bedroom flat and are moving to a three-bedroom (rental) house. Apparently this isn’t fair to all the families out there who need the space we’re taking up.

If they mention it in front of me, I will tell them where to go. Fortunately for family relations, they mentioned it to ignoring, grunting husband.

Hey Ice Wolf ! Funny you should drop in here, since you’re probably going to be the first guest to stay in our new ‘guest bedroom’, rather then squished between computers in the computer room :slight_smile:

I would LOVE to have more house than I need, and I certainly intend to, once all these kids are packed off to college. Heh.

You have a right to your bedrooms, offices, studies, and whatever else you desire in your home. For heaven’s sake, it’s not like people NEED hot tubs or swimming pools or nice gardens or carpet, but I’d bet that your friendly judgemental buddy has (or would give her eyeteeth for) one of more of those little amenities.

Enjoy your new home!


Cool! (Although this Wolf doesn’t mind a mattress or summat on th’ floor, love). :slight_smile:

Well, then, yeah! They can definitely go shove their opinions in dark places! :slight_smile:

I plan on never having kids, and I want a 4-5 bedroom house eventually, if not more. One for me, one for boyfriend, one for workroom, one for guestroom, you get the idea…

I must be evil, but then again, I already knew that.

That is just about the weirdest thing I’ve ever heard.

One of my siblings seriously questioned my sanity when we bought a house larger than we probably need.

But the point was we would have to clean all that space, not that we were robbing bedrooms from the poor.

I’ve trashed a relative for buying a house larger than I thought they needed, but they complain non-stop about what a drain the house is on them.

But I agree with your husband’s response.
Life is short; pick your battles and bitch about the rest on the boards.

Given half the chance, I’d live like Louis XIV at Versailles.
Instead I live in a monks cell. <----not literally
I’ve never been jealous of anyone else’s abode however, and wish you well.

Tell 'em to buzz off.

What does she think will happen if you don’t rent the house? That it’ll be given to the poor? What a bizzare thing to say.

Obvious response:

“Well, you don’t need to be that big a bitch, but there you go.”

If some struggling family needs those extra bedrooms, then why didn’t they rent the house? I presume the rental was advertised on the open market, so that hypothetical “struggling family” had just as much opportunity to look the house over as you did.

Does this idiot think the landlord has two different rent rates, one for people like yourselves, and a special, lower rate for struggling families who can’t afford his regular rates? Does she think the landlord doesn’t have a right to choose to rent HIS house to the tenants he prefers, but is obligated to offer the property to the largest brood?

Ignore her; she’s obviously not worth listening to. If you can pay the rent and the landlord is willing to rent the place to you, that’s all that matters. Enjoy your nice, spacious house!

Probably. She isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed.

Thanks for the obvious response, Mr Blue Sky, gave me a snort of laughter.

I’m not even angry about it now, amazing how writing it out does that. I just cannot understand (like Artemis) what thought processes are going through someone’s brain to say something like that. Do they think there’s a queue, with the struggling families getting priority, or ‘first dibs’ on a rental and that we (and probably the greedy landlord) have done something highly unethical ? Weirdo.

Actually, I think this person is convinced we’re greedy, selfish and have too much expendable cash, and this slipped out because of that attitude. Can’t change how someone thinks, but it does make the EvilGoo side of me want to innocently mention some new toy we got, just to bug her more. :smiley:

I’m a single guy, living alone, who will be renting a three bedroom house. Why? Because it’s in a good neighborhood, I can afford it, it’ll fit all my furniture with ease, and because it’s one of the few habitable places I’ve been able to find that will allow dogs.

When I was living in Florida, I owned a 1,900 square foot, three bedroom house with a pool. All just for me and the dogs. Why? Because, in the part of the metro area where I had to live, if I only bought what I needed (i.e. a small, two bedroom house or townhouse), most of my neighbors would be Confederate flag flying yahoos with cars on blocks in their yard, and a particular animosity towards folks from the Territory of the Northern Aggressor.

I plan on having a big house WITH A FREAKING TURRET when I “grow up,” and whoever doesn’t like it can go bugger themselves!

Hey Goo…did I tell you I might be in Australia from July–November…?

“One room for my mother-in-law, and two rooms for my ego.”

Enjoy your house and don’t mind the idiots unless they’re obstructing the view.

Sub, who, with luck, will be signing the papers on a new 4-bedroom house.

No, Noccie you didn’t. But now that I know, I’m going to demand your itinerary, because I’d love to meet with you. Are you going to be in NSW at all ? What are your plans ? Can you find Cecil the Bear and bring him too ?

You should eat all of the vegetables on your plate. Think of the starving third world children…

Hopefully I will be in Sydney or Wollongong.

A SydDope (or perhaps a GongDope) it is, then. Don’t forget to update me via SD or email when dates are firm. I’d love to meet you IRL :slight_smile: