Why On Earth Is Richard Wershe Still In Prison?

I literally racked my brain, trying to figure out where this one should go. I think GD is the right place. But if I am wrong, please tell me. I would like to know the reason (BTW, it seemed too intense for MPSIMS and IMHO–and I don’t post in the Pit [sorry]).

Richard Wershe, Jr. He has an interesting story. Here it is, if you want to read it. (If you want to look up the story yourself, on a Google search, try Richard Wershe. Or his nickname, “White Boy Rick”.)

Anyways, life in prison, for a non-violent drug offense, and as a juvenile yet. I guess since it is GD, I have to ask a question. So I’ll ask this: Why on earth is he still in prison? Is it corruption? Is it malice?

Thank you in advance, to all who reply:)?

Because his attorney only just figured out that he should try to file a motion requesting a new sentencing since the SCOTUS ruling three years ago appears to invalidate the sentence he got. It looks like he’ll be in court today.

The rumors in Detroit always were that he had knowledge of prominent business and political types either funding or getting paid off by the drug trade. He was a drug dealer, and he was a informant. Even at a young age, he played both sides of the street. His girlfriend was a niece of Coleman Young, the mayor of Detroit.

Because we have privately owned, for-profit penal systems. You shareholders don’t stay rich by letting people out!

[Actually, I don’t know why he’s still in prison or what kind of prison. But I strongly disagree with private prisons.]


To play devil’s advocate here, is there confirmation of what Wershe is saying? Wershe and his lawyer are claiming that he was working for the Detroit PD and the FBI when he set up his drug operation. But apparently the DPD and the FBI are denying this.

I think he did work for the FBI and a federal task force. He has had FBI agents document his service, and ask for his release. A lot of cops and other folks were getting busted back then for facilitating the drug trade. Just because you were a cop, doesn’t make you a good guy.

The entire scene was crazy, crack was being sold at over 1000 locations in the city at any time. Many customers were from the suburbs. One neighbor of mine lost a couple of properties in Detroit - old run down homes, he got busted in the early 90’s for facilitating - he was renting out the places, corner lots, for $3k per month, each! He probably didn’t pay 10K for both of them. He knew they were drug houses, in this case, literally operating drive up windows. But he made a lot of money for many years before he got stopped. It took the feds, the locals were too corrupt.
There was so much money being made, cash, that it fueled corruption.

Back in the mid 80’s, I had heard about guys making big money by investing in coke. Rumors were that doctors, businessmen, public officials, and especially lawyers were funding drug deals. At one point, a younger cousin of mine approached me with a deal - give him $10K, and he would return $30k in 30 days. I admit it was tempting, but I refused, as I really didn’t trust the little weasel. The another relative told me that the weasel was a snitch. I found out later that my cousin had been arrested several times, but never did any time. He was working for the local cops in sting operations, everybody he recruited to invest in his scheme went to jail. At some point, he was no longer useful, and they sent him to prison, although out of state, as he had too many victims in Michigan prisons. He went to Arizona, and even there, he was immediately assaulted, and nearly killed.

Guys that were hitmen for the drug gangs got out, a WBR is still in prison. ?