Have You Ever Done "Hard Time"?

Inspired by this thread. I would see the title and think that you could easily replace “drugs” with “time” and still have a legitimate question, so here it is.

Have you ever done “hard time” in a federal prison/penitentiary?

I honestly have no idea what the definition of hard time is, so let’s go with five or more years in an actual prison/penitentiary. Perhaps 10+ years is hard time?

So basically, what type of time have you done and what do you think “hard time” includes?

May I ask why you’re specifying federal? My idiot cousin “Aaron” is in state prison until he dies because he didn’t have the common sense to say “No, I don’t think I’ll ride along with you guys while y’all rob that store,” and thus was judged as guilty of murdering the shopkeeper as the other two. Surely that’s still hard time, even though the federal government isn’t involved in any way.

I spent 2 hours in a holding cell at the local police station once.

I doubt there are many ex-cons on the Dope, but we’ll see.

I am locked up in the military prison everyday. Of course, I get to go home every night. :smiley:

SFC Schwartz

I did a month or so in county while waiting on my trial, does that count?

I did three days in County lockup. Not hard time, but certainly not pleasant. Wouldn’t wish it on anyone, or only on those who deserve to be there.

My friend did 2 years in a federal prison for:

Getting drunk, trying to drive off in his friends car(no, not mine), arguing with his friend’s mom after she got in the car to stop him, driving off and crossing the state line.

Kidnapping, since he crossed the state line with her unwillingly going with him.

He said it was tough, but had a nice roommate and took some classes. He wasn’t in the section with any really bad folks. Most of the worst crimes are state crimes, anyway.

If it makes for more replies no it doesn’t have to be federal as opposed to state prison. I’m not intimately familiar with prison and crime types and do apologize for any terminology misuse.

I also don’t expect many “hard timers” to actually be on the Dope or have access to any (or this message board.) so stories of people you’re decently close to that have or are doing hard time will be interesting to hear about as well.

There is at least one; my memory tells me there may be at least one more.

I know that there’s at least one, because there was an “Ask The Ex-Con” thread. I’d dig it up, but the only search terms I can think of are too small.

Just to close the loop, note that the OP is asking this question at the same time this other thread is active: Man found dead, covered in bees

I’ve never been arrested. But an old friend of mine has spent most of his adult life in prison. He’s in his 60s now. He’s told me tons about his experiences. And I’ve visited him several times.

Anyway, terms:

Prison - can be a federal or state penitentiary. Prison is only for the folks who are convicted (found guilty). There are various security levels for both, i.e. minimum, maximum, etc.

Jail - municipal level (county or city) penitentiary. Both for serving sentences after conviction and awaiting/during trial if no bail. In most cases, the jail is operated by the county sheriff’s department. City police will bring suspected criminals to the county jail.

Federal vs. State - if you’re convicted in federal court for a federal offense, you go to federal prison. State convictions/offenses will go to state prison. There isn’t really a difference with respect to the severity of the crime that determines federal vs. state prosecution. It’s all a matter of which laws were broken. Murder someone - generally a state crime. Spit on the floor of the post office - federal crime.

Each state manages their prisons independently with all different rules from state to state. Federal prisons are all uniform (per each security level) since the same federal rules govern them all.

Yeah, and a really interesting thread. I’d reveal who it is, but I’ll leave it up to him to answer this thread for himself.

Yeah, I was going to say something like thatguyjeff, but vaguer. To me, hard time is when you’re in prison, not jail.

And no I haven’t.

In that thread I asked thatguyjeff which was worse, and he said definitely jail.

Interesting. Would you be willing to start an “Ask the military prison guard” thread? I’d like to know more about the differences between civilian and military prison.

I will, and I will link to this, but I am not a guard. I am a mental health provider, and I assist in determining the level of risk for new inmates.

SFC Schwartz

A couple of months ago, I woke up in County. Sort of broke my head, I’m told. I got hurt. Woke up covered in blood, still owe for the cat scan. No never mind damn it.


My sons father, whom I’m still with did 18 years in state.

That reminds me, I have been meaning to start a thread asking for advice on the quiet and discrete disposal of large, awkwardly shaped objects. The less outside involvement the better.