Why prr was warned for junior modding.

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Let me get this straight: “Junior Modding” is a warnable offense, even when you’ve found the thing I was supposedly “junior modding” objectionable enough to warn the person to stay on topic? And you’re NOT warning me for noting that I reported the person, which might be “junior modding,” which you’ve just warned me against doing? Have I got that right? Or is the problem that I accused him of “threadshitting” (which is distinguishable from “going off-topic” in an obnoxious and personal way–how?)

Or would you rather I open a separate ATMB thread about the warning? Or do this by e-mail? Whatever works for you, Gfactor. I don’t know as much about the rules here as you think I do, and this is something of a judgment call.

I think that an experienced poster like you should be given a warning for not providing a link.

Split off from this thread: http://boards.straightdope.com/sdmb/showthread.php?t=595929

  1. Yes. Two wrongs don’t make a right.
  2. I didn’t warn him.

If you’d like, I’d be happy to issue you a warning for that, but I don’t think that’s as clear a violation, and we haven’t addressed the issue frequently, so I’m willing to merely point out that you shouldn’t do it. If you’d like a warning, please let me know.

Please see my comments above.

No. It’s that you were junior modding.

I’m splitting this off into its own thread for you. I don’t think it has anything to do with the OP of the thread in which you posted it.

I took care of it for you. No worries.

Could you show me where “junior modding” is noted as a warnable offense? I just re-read the Registration Agreement quickly, and specifically the part about “troublesome users,” which I assume would cover such miscreants, and didn’t find anything relevant: http://boards.straightdope.com/sdmb/faq.php?faq=vb3_board_usage#faq_vb3_troublesome_users
Of course, if I’m just getting my chops busted over calling the Mods work-resistant Maynard G. Krebs-like lifeforms, I’ll understand.

You’re kidding me, right? Having me on? I posted this in the ATMB thread linked to, but then **Gfactor **moved the post to its own thread.

From here:

I don’t have any technical objection to the warning but I’m just surprised is all. In my mind giving a warning for Junior Modding is sort of like giving a ticket for going two miles over the speed limit.

We’ve issued warnings for junior modding for as long as I’ve been a moderator.




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I think it is obvious he posted that before he knew it was moved. You sure seem to have a chip on your shoulder.

The first and third links work for me.

Yep, he was kidding.

Two of the links appear to work as is. I think I’ve fixed the middle one. Let me know if you’re still having problems viewing it.


Still seems pretty damned arbitrary to me. You will agree that most of the time someone junior mods around and nobody cares, or if a Mod notices, they’ll just go “That’s junior modding, pal, so watch it” in a friendly way. Seems like most of the ones you cited were “I have a gigantic hard-on for you, don’t like the way you’re peddling your goods, and I can make an arguable case that you’ve done a little junior modding, so I’m going to issue a warning.”

Like the fellow said, it’s like a speeding ticket for going two mph over the limit. You can give me another because of the belligerence of my tone here, if you like. BTW, I didn’t mean to imply that you have a gigantic hard-on in general, or even one for me–that was just a general statement about a poster who’s annoying but hasn’t broken a real rule. You can always find something if you try hard enough.

Speaking as one who is often critical of the moderation around here, I find **GFactor **to be exceedingly even tempered, fair, and tolerant. It takes a bit to ruffle his feathers.

Just to make it formal, when I posted I saw only post #1 and nothing else. So I made a sarcastic comment. Some humor is timeless, some is merely timely.

I think Gfactor’s easily the best, fairest, most unrufflable Mod around–but I think he made a mountain out of just about nothing here. People accuse each other of threadshitting all the time, and nothing is made of it, except those few instances that **Gfactor **linked to, and in most of those, a mountain was made out of nothing, too. It’s ridiculous to issues warningse for “junior modding” simply for suggesting someone else is threadshitting, especially when they acknowledge that the person was, in fact, derailing the thread in order to obuse someone and to declare the point to be a stupid one. If that’s not threadshitting, it’s close enough for jazz.

The same glossary that Gfactor linked to for the definition of junior modding also has a definition of threadshitting.

That’s a hell of a lot clearer than the definition of junior modding, which gives the impression that if you thought a poster was breaking a board or forum rule, you’d be guilty of junior modding if you were to quote the rule.

But what do I know - there’s a warning in my user CP where I have literally no idea of what I was warned for.

The thing is, if I had to warn prr, it would be for the comment after the supposed “junior moderating.” That can be construed as being a personal attack, or at least being jerkish. But I’ve seen both people saying they’ve reported a thread to the mods (when it wasn’t spam) and people accusing people of threadshitting. (Heck, I’ve done it, as I’ve seen other people do it.)

I’m almost certain that prr was warned for being jerkish towards the mods (and not even in ATMB as a response to warning, where it seems a little bit more tolerated.) This is something I’ve seen Gfactor do before: Carol Stream was banned for trolling IN THE PIT. Now, we know the real reason she was banned was because she was a jerk and possibly a troll. But Gfactor picked one of the clearer rules instead.

The problem with this one is that the part that was actually junior modding is, as I pointed out, things I’ve seen around here all the time. And, no, it’s not just because a mod hadn’t seen it, as often the person accused of threadshitting gets a mod note/Warning.