Why that Quiznos commercial sucks

You know the one I’m talking about.

After reading this article, I find that I must disagree. The suckling scene isn’t the reason this commercial sucks.

The main reason this commericial sucks is because the raised-by-wolves guy has the upper hand. The Quiznos guy comes off as immature and rude when he snarks, “Were you raised by wolves??!” The raised-by-wolves guy, on the other hand, emerges as triumphant. He has risen up above a less-than-ideal childhood, possibly in part by eating the competitor’s subs (we don’t know). We are able to assume that he is a reasonably successful businessman. And not only that–he neither rejects nor is ashamed of his upbringing. He embraces it, and does not allow others to use it as a tool to defeat him. The suckling scene only serves as an all-too-panful reminder of the unspeakable conditions that he endured.

Now, the Quiznos guy has shown his true colors–he is a superficial, holier-than-thou jerk. Not since the days of the elementary school cafeteria has someone’s parentage been questioned based on his choice of meal.
That, my friends, is why the Quiznos ad sucks.

[sub]My apologies if this commercial has already been discussed at great length; I did a search and didn’t see anything.[/sub]

I just wondered why the wolf-guy was depicted as his current age, and wearing his business suit, while he was suckling? I mean, I understand if he was raised a wolf-boy, but isn’t he a bit old to rely on wolf milk…

I find the commercial bizarre and won’t eat at quizno’s because of it.

Maybe it was Thanksgiving.

Yeah, the business suit is why that commercial sucks.