Why The Chicken Crossed the Road...The Answer

The great debate is over. We not only know that the chicken crossed the road to get to the other side, but we also know that it was to catch bus 1746 that was waiting on that side of the road.

Now, this bus is soon to go to that big bus barn in the sky (via Nimco Shredding), but you posters have the power to stop this. Start a letter writing campaign to NYCTA and ask them to halt the shredding of innocent and beautiful buses.

See, what if 1746 had already been retired? The chicken would’ve done one of three things: 1(commited suicide because he couldn’t deal with the fact his favorite bus was gone and he’d have to use a cab or the horrible dangerous subway, 2(been run over after standing in the street in a stunned stupor pondering the fate of bus 1746, or 3(kidnapped and eaten by a family of hungry thieves in a subway station.

Now, is those the fates that should befall are american chickens. I think not.

Save a bus!

Thank you…

I don’t understand… are you metaphoricaly calling yourself a chicken?

Can we continue this here:


if you’re up for answering a couple questions I have…

That all depends on who you talk to. For example, if you ask Ernest Hemingway, “Why’d the chicken cross the road?” he’d say, “To die. In the rain.” Bill Clinton, on the other hand, would say, “I did not have inappropriate relations with that chicken, though I did ask Vernon Jordan to get it a job in the White House.”

All depends on your point of view, Mr. 1746.

Now, tell me more about these “Bus Fantasies” of yours…? :smiley:

Now, are those the fates…

Did you just see Chicken Run or something?

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