Why the fuck??????

…was THIS thread closed? I would have LOVED to talk about some of the concerts I’ve seen… and would have LOVED to hear about MANY MORE other’s experiences… but some [unnamed] fucking mod saw fit to close it… I mean… there ARE 2 banned posters who participated… but… WHAT THE FUCK IS YOUR PROBLEM??? WHICH FUCKING MOD HAD A PROBLEM? WHY??? Why the hell was it closed? This god damn board is going to hell! Just let people fucking talk! Is that so god damn hard to understand?

Assuming you’re not just being snarky…

Look at the dates on the posts. Reviving ancient threads is a Bad Thing.

K. A perfectly acceptable post… except I didn’t see the date… fuck me… Ban me! I guess I deserve it!

You didn’t see the dates on the posts. It happens.

Why don’t you start a new thread on the same subject? Sounds like a good topic.

Wow! I can’t believe I got sucked into this…

Overreact much? Geez. If you want to talk about concerts you’ve been to, start your own thread on it. You made a mistake and revived an ancient thread. Accept it. An awful lot of people have done the same thing. Nobody’s singling you out as some kind of sacrificial goat.

Ouch. if6was9, you’re really uncharacteristically touchy and snarky lately. Is everything okay?

What the fuck is going on around here the last few days? jayjay, if6was9 didn’t even post in the linked thread. This is way beyond overreacting and into the realm of the com-fucking-pletely absurd.

Some dickweed was running around resurrecting bunches of 5 year old threads just to be annoying. He was banned and all the threads he brought back were locked.

Ask and ye shall recieve. Do you want discourse or banning, pick one. Also, sue the guy that shat in your cheerios this morning.

Fuck us all because someone’s ignoring the posting guidelines and reviving an ancient thread resulting in said thread being locked?

Here’s the relevant quote from Arnold Winkelried from [thread=106617]this thread[/thread]:

I fail to see the problem here. The locking of the thread in question was neither arbitrary nor capricious, but exactly in line with what one would expect based on the posting guidelines. If you want to discuss concerts, then by all means start a new thread. No one’s trying to stop you from discussing concerts.

Thank you, Smeghead.

Feel free to start a new thread on the subject in Cafe Society if you’d like, if6was9.

Cajun Man
for the SDMB

Yeah, but after he sleeps the alcohol off. :wink:

Such harsh reality Q. I thought we were supposed to pretend that that sort of thing never happened. Nobody ever tells me anything.

Oh, right. Of course. Silly me! Naturally, no one has ever gotten drunk and posted to the SDMB. Not once. Especially not me! :smiley:

In other news, Eutychus really showed his age in that thread by saying he had tickets to the Allman Brothers before Duane died :eek:

I thought he was maybe early 30s if not late 20s.

:slight_smile: 'sbeen a tough week, happy marriage proposals aside…
I just didn’t notice the dates… and saw no reason to close it. Then when it was pointed out, it pissed me off that I did such a stupid thing. :o And, as Q.E.D. (correctly) guessed, I was quite drunk… All in all a pretty embarrassing night. I am sorry all. Remember, drinking and posting don’t mix. :wink:

You know what’s funny, I read another board where NEW threads get closed and you get told to use an old thread instead (sometimes months old and far from being on the main page).

I could’ve sworn that that used to be the policy here, which is why it confused the hell out of me when old threads started to get locked. Can anyone confirm or deny this?

The policy used to be no CURRENT multiple threads on the same subject. I recall thread necromancy being frowned on for pretty much the entire time I’ve been here.

We’re not talking about threads that have dropped down for a few days, but months.