Why the hiatus on Dark Knight Strikes back issue 3?

I’ve heard on a few other message boards that the third issue of Dark Knight Strikes back has been put on hiatus indefinitely. Anyone know why? And please don’t say cause the series sucks, I would at least like to finish the story.

I don’t know, man, but the wait is killing me.

Personally, I want to see the entire story unfold before I pass judgement on it.

Nevertheless, comparing to the opus that was, it surely seems lacking.

Anyway…no signs of it.

I’ve been wondering about this myself - especially since DC claimed that, with Miller’s history of foot dragging, they weren’t going to ship #1 until the whole series was finished.

Haven’t been able to find any mention of it being released on the DC website (through the end of July) - but I’ll keep looking

from csnsider.com

In – The Dark Knight Strikes Again #3 – or at least a large part of it. “Frank’s turned in sixty pages of art so far, and it looks incredible!” DKSA editor Bob Schreck told CSNsider recently. While no firm date for release of the book has been set, Schreck said that the book is progressing very well, and he’s very optimistic that the final issue will be completed soon. “Readers who think they know where this story is going don’t have any idea what Frank’s got in store for them,” Schreck said.

Looks like Frankie boy’s been nappin’ on the job.