Why the shorthand?

I don’t know maybe its me, but don’t you find the shorthand used in these threads a bit annoying?!
etc etc.

You do own a whole working keyboard don’t you? I cannot believe that you don’t have the time or effort to write “by the way”, for example. I thinkk the message box is quite big enough hold the text. I know some of the shorthand, but I have to guess at everthing else. A lot of people seem to add the shorthand in for no apparent reason…why??

So…why the shorthand? :confused:

I agree totally. I always try to use plain English in my emails, posts, etc.

I do have a sneaking liking for the acronym “WTF?” though.

…and smileys. :smiley:

I sort of agree, and try to keep the acronyms to a minimum. But when the posts get long and you want to try to keep your blather readable, it helps to shorten wherever possible.

An occasional IIRC or YMMV is not objectionable, IMHO. But when people start writing thusly:

That is just unacceptable.

OK, there’s two I haven’t figured out yet:
IANAL (I am not a lemur?)
and YMMV.

r u nuts?

IANAL = I Am Not A Lawyer, usually used in threads where someone is asking about the legality of some issue, and the response is being noted as coming from a layperson, not a legal authority

YMMV = Your Mileage May Vary, used to indicate that what works for one person may not work for another.
HTH :wink:

HTH = Hope that helps, BTW. :slight_smile:

Something that cracks me up which I’ve seen at work (but not here) is contracting 2001 to Y2K.01. Umm… guys… that’s longer than just typing 2001!

To answer the original question, people use them because the underlying phrases are written so often in online discussion boards and because it’s faster and easier to type the abbreviations. And once you get used to reading the acronyms, they become second nature and you start using them in your posts.

You also will note that many of the ones you cited, like IMHO or IANAL or BTW, will be used primarily at the beginning of the sentence. Because they are in all caps, they’re the first things your mind processes, and allows you to skim the following sentence much faster. At least that’s my theory. :slight_smile:

Well thats just damn lazy :slight_smile: . Where did these phrases come from that everyone uses. OK, I can see BTW and the like, but:
“in my humble opinion” really translates to “I think”, ok its a little longer

“I am not a lawyer”- what?? That can’t be that common, can it?
“Your mileage may vary”-?? what the hell!? surely a more simple abbreviation could do

You know, soon we’ll be talking in full code

ICU,I82QB4IP :slight_smile:

So, my buddy and I were discussing Manny Ramirez’ future with the BoSox, and were amazed that he has had over 100 RBI for 5 seasons except for '97, and that’s averaging more than 500 AB per season. And how about Roger Clemens in NY, with his 3.70 ERA and 188 Ks?

It’s just online jargon, man. Get over it.

This is more compactly rendered as “YMMV - WTF??” :slight_smile:

YMMV is taken from car commercial disclaimers about gas mileage claims.

IMHO, the abbreviations are good in that everyone uses the same phrases for the same meanings. “I think” doesn’t mean quite the same thing as “IMHO”, and is open to interpretation depending on the context, etc. Depending on the context, “I think” could mean IIRC (If I Recall Correctly), or IMHO. Why not use the more precise, widely-understood conventions. They’ve evolved out of a need for precise communication over text, without clues such as voice sound, body language, etc.

To me, the fact that they’re longer or shorter to type is irrelevant.


WTF -(yep it works!)

Now u c, I’m not really all that clued up on baseball jargon, so I didn’t understand WTF u were going on about! :stuck_out_tongue:

BTW shouldn’t “Get over it” be GOI ?

YMMV = If your situation is different you may have different results:D

Off to IMH…

Uh, off to the forum labeled “In My Humble Opinion.”

Some of this grew up from the days of using line-oriented interfaces at slow baud rates or using dumb terminals in a mainframe environment (yes, people used to talk on bulletin boards over 300 baud acoustic coupler modem’s, and were in seventh heaven when they got a 1200 baud Hayes compatible. And some of us read USENET on 80 x 24 dumb terminal interfaces, or even on paper terminals).

I get a kick out of the abbreviated jargon, and when I encounter new ones, I enjoy trying to translate them. Yeah, I know - simple pleasures for simple minds (SPFSM - nah - doesn’t work)

Seems to me of all the things in the world to get one’s panties in a wad, this doesn’t even qualify as a runner-up… IMHO… :slight_smile:

I have no problem with the abbreviations themselves, but using IMHO seems rather redundant in this board, don’t you think? I am, however, quite annoyed at the smiley faces, emoticons, and the like after something that is quite obviously humorous or sarcastic. I never know whether to be insulted by the poster’s supposed lack of faith in my sense of humor or to feel sorry for him and his supposed lack of faith in his own.

Alright, perhaps that’s a little harsh, but it still annoys me.

The smiley faces, emoticons, and the like after something that is quite obviously humorous or sarcastic. Are nessesary because the are not alway “Obviously humorous or sarcastic” There are a lot of different people here with diffrent views. Without the use of voice tone and body language you just cannot tell if people are kidding some times. We could be in a heated argument over a topic and I want to lighten things up. So I call you a “rednecked cow f**ker” You could get really offended and never post here agian if i didn’t put a :wink: , :slight_smile: or in extremly rare cases a :wally to show that I was jokeing and things were going to far.

So you’re saying that a line from another board on weird album covers and the like, “…we all know you can trip from licking the bass drum on the Sgt. Pepper album”, needs a smiley face after it? Surely most of us would know he’s joking, while still allowing us the pleasure of visualizing those who don’t actually licking the damn thing. As I said, maybe I was a bit harsh, just use them judiciously.