Why they gotta show clip shows in syndication

I didn’t like it the first time around and it’s not like you’re saving any money this time by not having to make a whole new episode.
specifically this thread is spurred on by seeing Seinfeld clip shows on TBS tonight. It seems like they show only the same 15 episodes on rotation anyway because I keep saying ones I’ve seen but I know I haven’t seen everyone.

It’s even worse if you get the complete season box sets and there’s taking up space there too. On the Simpsons commentaries for the clipshows, the producers have no clue what to talk about, except for repeating the story over and over about how FOX wanted them to do 3 clip shows a SEASON, and they instead negotiated a deal which would let different showrunners produce a handful of episodes separately instead.

How many damn clip shows did Lost have? I think they had about 3 a season too…

The LOST ones generally didn’t replace an episode though.

But if they weren’t there it wouldn’t be a complete season box set.

Clip shows are alright, not ideal, but if they’re done well they can work. I wouldn’t mind if they were taken out of syndication but I like having them on DVDs, as many clip shows have new scenes shot to thread the clips together, so to be comprehensive they should be there. Even if there aren’t any new scenes they should still be on the DVD because a complete season box set should represent how that season was originally broadcast.

On some series, like Stargate, the clipshow episode is done in a way that it doesn’t feel forced. It’s annoying, but I’m able to deal with it, as it furthers a storyline that otherwise would take like… 5 or 10 minutes to tell, and it functions as a recap to remind you of what’s happened over the season, in prep for the next one.

On others, like Friends, or Seinfeld… DEAR GOD MAKE IT GO AWAY!!!

If anything is worse than a clip show, it has to be an episode that serves as the pilot for a long forgotten failed spin-off. I think Married With Children had at least three of them during its run.

Heh I see a hijack comin’. :smiley:

I hate the shows where they force a new character in there as a trial run for a possible spinoff, like the PI on House.

And I hate clip shows. They are particularly annoying when:

a) It’s the season finale
b) You canceled plans to watch it
c) The previous episode was a cliffhanger, or
d) Combinations of the above.

One of “The Simpsons” clip-show episodes was pretty good. Troy McClure was the “host” and it included deleted scenes, an alternate ending, and clips from “The Tracy Ullman Show.”

“Assignment: Earth” was one of the better Star Trek episodes.

Overall I really don’t care. Nothing requires you to watch every show on a DVD.

Because for all the Internet fanboy whining, most clip shows are actually pretty enjoyable. Hell, the way the Simpsons ones are themed almost make them seem like new episodes.

In the 80s they tended to peak, especially with the NBC shows, “Golden Girls,” and “Family Ties”