The Office 1/21/10

A clip show? A freaking CLIP SHOW?!?!?! WTF?!?!

I am SO disappointed!

Particularly since this season the show started in syndication; it seems I just watched most of those clips recently on the local Fox affiliate.

Nice to see another alumnus from The Wire, though.

Okay… I think I may have just crossed over into the “This show is taking a steep nosedive downhill” crowd.

I waited over a month for this? A clip show? Is that even really necessary? All the previous seasons are on DVD, and I’m pretty sure you can find most of the funniest clips on YouTube. If I really wanted to reminisce about the better episodes of the show, I’d watch the better episodes of the show.

Are the writers trying to get the show canceled? Because I wouldn’t be surprised if next week involves Micheal renting a boat and trying to find a shark to ski-jump over.

mumbles A freaking clip show…

The whole time I was thinking “How many dopers are gonna say that this is the worst show ever now?” Yeah, I was unhappy that it was a clip show, but all the non-clip show parts were great. Especially computron.

Yeah, now that I’ve calmed down a bit… Computron was pretty funny. Replacing Toby with Dwight, too. It had potential, but fell flat once the clips started rolling.

Yeah I was very WTF tonight. I dunno, I loved the Office but I really have not been enjoying this season and last wasn’t all-around amazing either. I kinda wish they would just end it before it gets ridiculously bad.

We waited six weeks for this? What a thumb in the eye to th audience. Clip shows are fucking bush league, man. Clip shows are for Who’s the Boss and Happy Days. What a ripoff. Someone should swing from a rope for this bullshit.

The long hiatus+clip show makes me wonder if something weird is going on behind the scenes at the Office. Was Jon Krasinski absent from the new scenes?

NBC is just in the advanced stages of leprosy these days.

Am I the only one who found many of the clips funny? I mean, I’ve watched every episode of the show, so I’ve seen all of these clips when they first aired, but it was still funny.

(And it’s weird to imagine Michael Scott as the highest-ranking Dunder-Mifflin employee.)

They were funny, but I watch the Office nearly every day in syndication, so it’s kinda pointless. It wasn’t even put together that well. They tried to group stuff together but they didn’t do a good job. Most of the clips were just a little too long.

The clip from when Jim first asked Pam if she was free for dinner struck me as a little weird seeing it again. As far as Pam knew, Jim still had a live-in girlfriend, yet she instantly said yes without asking anything at all about Karen. How was that any different from instantly agreeing to date a married guy? It was a reaction that would seem a little skeevy in the real world, at least until she assertained that he was no longer in a relationship.

If he was asking her out it’s because Karen is no longer in the picture. That’s the kind of guy Jim is and Pam knows that about him.

Spending an hour in a room wtih the banker and Toby would make me want to kill myself.

Eh, not feeling the outrage.

Sure it was a clip show, but most of the clips were funny. (“Hey kids - have you ever seen a foot with four toes?”) I spent the better part of a half-hour laughing or at least smiling, so the show did its job as far as I’m concerned.

Some of the clips could have been even funnier. Like the scene where Dwight is reading off the medical conditions people want covered by the health plan. The hysterectomy sequence was the least funny; I was waiting for anal fissures, hot dog fingers, and… and… some other funny ones that I can’t think of right now.

Full agreement. When they first started rolling clips, I was pissed – then I realized it was all hilarious stuff that I hadn’t seen in years. Clip shows, as a rule, are never a good idea, but this went over fine by me.

The biggest issue was with the timing of the episode – coming off of a long break, they should’ve went with a fresh episode and saved the clips for a week or two from now (although there was probably a real-world reason why they went this route, especially since Krasinski wasn’t there).

I read about some interesting stuff coming up, but I didn’t like the clip show. Now we have to see a repeat until another new one arrives! Grr.

Presumably Stanley’s actor wasn’t there either, since they had the weird joke where they replaced him with “fake Stanley”. Must be some scheduling snafu with the actors vacations. There’s a rerun scheduled for next week.

I liked it, since I apparently missed some of those episodes. But even Seinfeld did clip shows at the top of its game.

Seinfeld only did one clip show, and that was during the first hour of the series finale.