Why Tuesday for new releases?

I can understand the practice of (usually) releasing movies in theaters on Friday.

But why are new CDs and movies on video/DVD released on Tuesday? Is there an actual reason?

Seems way too abritrary for me.

My guess would be that it’s because new comics come out on Wednesday, and if you’re busy reading comics, well, you can’t pay attention to the movie, can you?

This too is just a guess, but as far as music goes, radio stations report record airplay to the trade magazines on Tuesday so that the trades can publish record chart information and get the magazines on everyone’s desk by Friday. In this digital age the methods of reporting have changed, but some stations still report on Tuesday.

It’s a slow day for retailers. It helps them get customers into the store on a normally slow day.

In the case of video rental stores, it allows us a few days before the weekend to get as many turns as possible, and gives room to kind of shuffle the return dates so you’re not left with every single copy being checked out on the same day and being gone for two days straight.