Why Tuesday?

I’m sure November was picked by the (U.S.) founding fathers because of the amount of time needed to arrange the first election after the Constitution was ratified, but why was Tuesday selected as the day Americans vote?

While we’re at it, why is Thanksgiving on a Thursday?

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I think Thanksgiving used to be a yearly set date, but was changed to a Thursday in order to have a long weekend or something like that. No clue about voting, though. I just didn’t want you stuck with 0 replies. :slight_smile:

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Thanksgiving used to be on the last Thursday, but they moved it to the fourth Thursay to give more shopping time before Christmas, to help the economy. I think this happend during the Roosevelt (FDR) administration.

Voting was originaly on the first Monday in November, but paydays were often the first of the month, and people wanted to blow their money quickly, and ended up not voting when Monday was the 1st. So they moved it to the Tuesday following the first Monday to avoid this.

These are the stories I heard, and they sound plausible. I’ve never heard any competing ideas.

Oh, why Thursday for Thanksgiving? I don’t know.

It is too clear, and so it is hard to see.

The movie “Holiday Inn” makes reference to the confusion over the date of Thanksgiving.

Back when the population was more devout, Tuesday was chosen so people didn’t have to travel a long distance on Sunday to vote on Monday.

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