Why was I charged $7.48?

When I subscribed, the confirmation screen said I had just been charged “US $7.48”.

Isn’t 50% a hell of a high sales tax?

Paypal or Credit card?

So it looks like you were charged an extra 63 cents.

I was charged an extra 5 cents.

what gives?

Don’t tell me we have to pay sales tax on this too !

lousy country …

It sounds like he got borked before the exchange rates kicked in. That’s about 10 bucks CDN.

$7.48 is 50% of the normal $14.95 yearly price. If you renew your subscription as a Charter Member (add additional years to your subscription) your renewal cost per year will be $7.48. We checked your subscription and it is scheduled to expire on 04/21/2006 which means you’re good for two years.

Did you subscribe for a 2nd year? If so you should have been charged $4.95 for the first year and $7.48 (50% of $14.95) for the second year.


No. I subscribed once.

Oh! I didn’t see you could buy more than one year.

(gets out credit card)

Time to party like it’s 2099… :wink:

Hey, there’s an idea they didn’t think about:
LIFE TIME MEMBER for $49.95. :eek:

I subscribed yesterday, and I never saw an option for a two year subscription. :confused:

Me neither! Did I lose out? :frowning:

My guess: glitch at some point caused the 1st-year subscription to be “read” as a 2nd-year subscription.

That’s why I try to avoid using a system the first days it is implemented.

If you go to your UserCP you’ll see if you then click on the link paid subscription you can purchase a second year or more if that’s what you wish to do.

Same thing happened to me - $7.48. I now see from my profile that I have been charged for two years’ subscription, which was not my intention (the subscription screen was rather Europe-unfriendly, it kept complaining about my ZIP code, which we do not have here. I eventually got past it, but it seems I inadvertently subscribed twice. How can I fix that?)

How do you purchase more than one year? I only saw one option, the single year 4.95 one.

Ditto-Didn’t get a multiple year offer. I used PayPal.

Question for those who did get the offer: did you use a credit card instead of paypal?

Terminology issue; it’s your postcode.

You mean that somewhere in your profile, it says when your membership expires? Am I missing something?

Yes, under ‘Paid Subscriptions’.

L_C, OK, I was being a tad facetious. I know what a ZIP code is - the point is, I skipped all the ZIP code, State etc. fields, as I usually do when confronted with a US-centric registration screen, and just completed the stuff relevant to me, but it complained about me leaving those fields blank. So as usual I experimented with ‘n/a’, dummy entries and so forth, and somehow I ended up with two years’ subscription. I don’t remember ever being asked to confirm my choice. I would not have knowingly confirmed such a choice.