Why was Rev. Terry Jones jailed?

The news in Detroit recently has centered around Reverend Terry Jones, who intended to protest outside a Dearborn mosque last Friday.

Cany somebody explain to me why he was jailed, and had to post bond ($1)?

Doesn’t the article say that:

Jailed…for what? Because of something illegal they thought he might do?

Jailed because he was a threat to public safety?

What’s the $1 bond for? I thought bond was something you posted as collateral for your promise to abide by the terms of your release, and your promise to appear for trial for the charges that were brought against you. In this case, the charge against him haven’t been clearly stated. Or was the charge against him “he would breach the peace if he rallied”? This seems like a fine reason to deny a permit for a public demonstration, but I don’t understand how this can be a charge against someone. If it is, it sounds a lot like PreCrime as described in Minority Report.

Moreover, if the terms of your release are “don’t engage in public demonstrations without a permit,” isn’t that already illegal? Why would you have to post bond to guarantee compliance with such terms of release, when penalties for violating those terms are already prescribed by law?

He asked for the permit and then was denied.

Also, according to that article, he was supposed to put up a bond for the cost of police protection.

Then, he said he was going to go through with it anyways.

OK, so according to that article, the $1 bond was collateral posted as his guarantee that he won’t go near the ICA for the next three years, and he was jailed for refusing to post that $1 bond.

This sounds an awful lot like a temporary restraining order. Do TRO’s usually require posting of bond? I thought TRO’s just mandated jail time for violating their terms.

As I understand it, this was irrelevant to the $1 “peace bond” and his temporary jail stay. But as an aside, is this (asking protesters to pay actual costs for police security services) commonly done when issuing permits for large/controversial protests that require an unusually large police presence?