Why was there a walkout of a Mike Daisey show?

at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-IeMtQ-SZtA 87 people walked out of his show, supposingly Christians who were offended by the language.

Can someone explain that to me? Why would they pay for his show? Did they not know of it? Isn’t there swear words in almost every movie these days?

See the Wikipedia article, which links to articles describing the event and to his description of his conversations with a leader of the group and the person who poured water over the performance notes.

I don’t’ get it. He’s…an atheist? And Christians went to see him and walk out? Had he specifically attacked their group? Why would they even go?

The walkout people/water attacker were no doubt absolute asshole jerks, but to me he comes of as a hyperfragile weenie (which is ironic because both sides are both flipping out over nothing). And who the hell doesn’t keep copies of important shit?

I have no idea. The show was at a theater in Cambridge, Massachusetts, while the school group was from a public school from Norco, Riverside County, California. The tickets were bought the day of the performance and they identified themselves as a Christian group to the person at the box office. They were warned that the performance involved adult content. I haven’t seen the YouTube video, but he described them leaving en masse. So, frankly, it sounds like the whole thing was a stunt. But I’m wondering if they traveled cross-country just for this, or if they just happened to be in Boston.

Was it one of those Improv “action theatre” stunts? (Like Candid camera?)

All the Wiki article says is they destroyed the original notes. It doesn’t say he had no copies. I can see being upset if the originals were destroyed even if he does have copies.

Well, thats a point.

But that then brings up this point. If the originals are important? Why not work with the copies?

I guess there was no reason to think they weren’t safe – After all, no one expects the Norco Inquisition.