Why Was This Thread Closed?


I clearly and specifically was **not **asking for advice on how to break the law. I was stating my position on whether a particular action should be legal, and asking how to do it once it is legalized. I made it clear that I would not act as long as it is illegal, and couched my query in the hypothetical.

I neither advocated nor advised anyone to break the law. I was, as mods have said recently, speaking about some imaginary universe where crack is legal. What gives?

Your kidding right?

Asking for advice on how to do something that is currently illegal in the United States is agains Board Policy. Couch it however you want, you asked for how to violate current law. The end.

Absolutely not. I am within the guidelines established in the **Ceasario **pedophile thread.

Ah, so it was a parody thread.

It’s only a violation of current law if I intend to do it. I don’t. Is knowing how to make crack against the law?

Knowing how to and asking how to are two totally different things, at least as far as the board is concerned (or I highly suspect so a least).

Asking “How to make crack” on this board is against board policy.

No. If you had left your first paragraph only (asserting that you think crack should be legalized), the thread would have been left. The second paragraph, where you asked how to make it yourself, you’re asking for advice on doing something currently illegal.

Since you were parodying Cesarios: he was asserting that he thinks pedophelia should not be illegal. This is appalling to almost every other poster, but the discussion is still about the law. If he were to ask where he can pick up some under-age sex partners, he would be out of here faster than you can imagine.

The rule here has always been:

There are legal ways to change laws, and discussion about such is acceptable here. Discussion about illegal ways to change the laws (“Let’s blow up some hospitals to protest health care”) is not. Discussion of where to find crack, or how to pick up minors, is NOT. Knowledge of how to commit illegal acts is not a violation of rules, so long as you keep it to yourself. Asking for knowledge of how to commit an illegal act, that’s a no-no. Sharing knowledge of how to commit an illegal act, ditto.

Couching it in theoretical terms is irrelevant. “Theoretically, how would I get a loaded gun through airport security.” No.

Bolding mine.

I posted nothing encouraging it. That’s the crux of the issue with Cesario. The mods claim he is not encouraging it. Neither am I.

We’re not going to play pilpul with the definition of “encouraging.” And the rules say “in our opinion,” not in your opinion. We’ve always taken it that asking for, or giving, advice about how to break a law was a no-no. Asking about whether a law should be changed (within the legal framework) is acceptable.

I repeat: the first paragraph of your post was fine. If you want to make arguments that crack should be legalized, go right ahead. You’re not encouraging someone to break the law, you’re encouraging someone to try to change the law.

Your second paragraph was asking for advice on “how to” break the law. That crossed the line. Talking about how to reform the law, that’s fine – even if the vast majority of persons think the law is fine as it is. Talking about doing something that breaks the law, that’s not acceptable.

ACCEPTABLE: Should murder laws be revised to allow euthanasia?
NOT ACCEPTABLE: Where and how can I hire a hit-man?
NOT ACCEPTABLE: If I smother my grandfather lying in a coma, what evidence do I need to hide?

Look, the mods feel pretty much like most of you about pedophilia. But so long as the discussion is about the laws, consequenes of the laws, the (sick) psychology, etc. it’s the sort of discussion that we allow. If it turns to “where can I pick up,” then we’ll react. Believe me.

What part of

are you having trouble understanding? I can type slower if it helps.

Yeah. Type slower. I fail to see how asking how to do something is encouraging others to do it. I really do. And you might want to dial back the snark. I get it that you are not amused. It doesn’t advance your point, however.

Same question, Dex. If asking how to do something is, in your opinion, encouraging it, you might as well not have any rules at all. You can just make up definitions as you go along.

Let me ask you a hypothetical. Suppose you and I are friends and we meet for drinks. I tell you about this wonderful movie I saw, and go on and on in glowing terms about how great it really is, but never once even suggest that it should be on your list of movies to watch. Have I encouraged you to go see it?

How is that different from the pedophile? Sure, he never tells anyone to do it, but neither did I. If stating that child molesting should be legal, and constructing an argument for same isn’t encouraging anyone to break the law, then simply asking how to manufacture crack isn’t either.

I never considered hypothetical situations when closing that thread. Instead, I dealt with the reality of you asking for specific advice on how to break a law. Your hypothetical only works if the other poster had asked for advice on how to break the law.
He didn’t.
You did.
Case closed.

How is it that asking for advice is encouraging others to break the law, while extolling the virtues of an illegal act is not encouraging others to break the law?

Contrapuntal -

The troll is fapping hard enough as it is. Don’t feed him, to mix a metaphor.


That’s not what I’m doing.

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You have had a mod close your thread. You brought it here to complain, which is the right and proper thing to do. You’ve been answered by the mod, and by an admin. That’s pretty much the end of the discussion.

Your movie example is flawed. You weren’t talking about how wonderful a drug was when you used it in the past (that would, under the rules, be acceptable; see above.) You were asking how to get it now.

“He got away with it, why can’t I?” is an irrelevant argument in any case. It’s even more irrelevant when the situation and circumstances are completely different.

Is a straight answer to a direct question too much to ask for? Again, how is it that asking for advice is encouragement, while extolling the virtues of something isn’t?

Never thought I’d agree with Shodan about anything but my regards as well.