Why wasn't the Hitler style moustache more popular?

I’m not in the know, but that’s the impression I had from the picture I saw this morning. It looked odd to see the small number of imitators. Now they were part of the club, so I would have expected more (if it was cool) or none (if it wasn’t). The 10 or so I saw was strange. Incidentally, one Nazi (and only one) was rockin a Stalin Stache and that really stuck out.

There are two post-WWII examples that stick out in my mind every time I see them: the “pigeon” that Roper and Williams hustled in this Enter The Dragon scene, and the spoon salesman Basil Fawlty thought was a hotel inspector.

As far as trimming your mustache so that a gas mask or respirator will seal around it, modern soldiers and people who work in oil refineries (there’s probably other lines of work with similar requirements but these are the two I have experience with) wear their mustache like this. Doesn’t go past the corners of your lip, which is the standard. But it’s still long enough not to look like a Hitler-stache.

I can’t believe they didn’t use “Moustache” for the soundtrack.

But when I trimmed it real small
My Jewish friends would never call…

Sikh men don’t generally shave their beards, and there was (and is) resistance from military brass to give them a dispensation because it is claimed that they can’t wear a gas mask (not sure how often that even happens in modern days). Supposedly they can use petroleum jelly to overcome this.

I certainly wouldn’t say this to that guy’s face (:eek:) but good god! That’s even goofier looking than a Hitler toothbrush! Why the gap in the middle?! He looks like he should be a stoic, French head waiter in a restaurant sketch.

Former NHL coach Dave Lewis wears that type of moustache

Over the past two or three years I have noticed a rise in this style amongst middle-aged black men.

I live in a heavily black-populated neighbourhood, and I would hazard to guess I see a 40-50-something year old with a Hitler 'stache about once a week. Pretty much as often as I see people with a “pencil line” moustache. Always blows my mind…

(Anecdotal, I know. Just my 2 Drachmas.)

@Hail Ants
The gap in the middle is because his hair doesn’t grow there. Agree he’d look better if that gap was filled.

That 'stache is a lot smaller than we got away with in USAF. We still had the oxygen mask / gas mask issues. But you could get a lot bushier than that poor guy and still have it A) work fine w the mask and B) be within regulation.

Whether your 'stache pissed off your commander and how big a deal that became was totally a separate issue.

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