Why wasn't the Hitler style moustache more popular?

Apparently he trimmed it to help seal his gas mask. Presumably there would be thousands of others presented with the same situation; on top of that, everyone wants to look like the boss. The Saddam Husein 'stache was pretty much mandatory. So, why weren’t there more Hitler copycats?

There were loads of soldiers, maybe mostly officers, and many of them British, with a toothbrush moustache around 1918.

Less so 20 years after.

Also, that moustache style was better known from Oliver Hardy and Charlie Chaplin before anyone had ever heard of Adolf Hitler.

It fell out in fashion with white guys. Robert Mugabe still rocks it. Which doesn’t really surprise, I guess.

Even Yitzhak Shamir had one…

A few years ago I went to a neighborhood Halloween party dressed as a Mr. Gumby, complete with (false) toothbrush mustache. After about the tenth person gave me a hard time about coming as Hitler I yanked the mustache off. No amount of bellowing, “My brain hurts!” helped.

Back in college I used the same costume at Halloween, and absolutely everyone got it.

My neighbors are Philistines…:mad:

I thought that was called theMichael Jordan mustachenow.

I once read that Chaplin complained “not only did he steal my mustache, but he’s getting bigger laughs than I am!”

This Gumby likely would have gotten a better reception…

The most recent example I’ve seen in popular culture was Barty Crouch, Sr.

It was, as observed, very popular, especially among young officers.

As I’ve said before on this board, there was an episode of Milton Caniff’s Army comic strip Male Call where he observed that “The one good deed Hitler did was to put the stink on the OCS ‘toothbrush’ mustache”. Apparently a lot of soldiers didn’t like the style.

OCS = Officer’s Candidate School. They’re complaining about all the young lieutenants trying to look older with a toothbrush moustache.

I know this isn’t IMHO but how about the idea that it isn’t more popular becauuuuuuse…

It looks ridiculous? //:=|

Manny of the Pep Boyskept his toothbrush moustache until a few years ago (although he lost the cigar somewhat earlier). He’s adopted a somewhat less controversial stylesince.

It takes some maintenance to have a proper toothbrush mustache, just as it does to have a “thin” mustache like old-time film stars such as Clark Gable and David Niven. The elaborate waxed mustaches are few, such as baseball’s Rollie Fingers. Most mustachioed men just prefer to not shave the upper lip and occasionally trim it.

Ever been to Portland?

Does anybody remember the early 70’s band (or duo) “Sparks”, comprising the two Mael brothers ?
Their big hit was “This Town Ain’t Big Enough for the Both of Us” . Ron Mael’s toothbrush moustache was famous worldwide back then.

Yeah, but he was deliberately trying to look weird.

Like Claverhouse posted in post 2,that style was popular way before A Hitler was a public figure.
This link, http://www.nashwauk.net/ErichKlebe.html
And the next page, http://www.nashwauk.net/ErichsGuns.html
is a little research project I did 10 years ago that pictures the Gunsmith that immigrated in 1923 at the age of 29 and had been an armor in the German Army in the First War. He apparently wore that style while here for a long time but changed and also told of the negative German sentiment during the 2nd War. His Grandson, a friend of mine told of how the old Gunsmith would chastise him and his brother when they would play war games.

One thing is I’m not sure every man can grow one, or at least not one that looks good. My attempts at jokey mid-shave Hitlerstaches have never worked because my hair always seems to want to part along the philtrum, so it just looks like two tall rectangles of hair not touching each other instead of a nice solid square. Maybe I needed to comb it or put some product in it or something, but I thought the whole point of them was that it was a fairly low-maintenance 'stache.

Visited the Reichstag this morning, and there was a picture of the National Socialist caucus. I’d estimate that there were about 75 guys in the picture and maybe 10 of them had the Hitler mustache.

Question for those in the know: One might think that imitating *Die Fuehrer * would be wildly popular, but could it be that people were reluctant to presume to be able to imitate him? That is, might it have been thought that “one does not copy Hitler”?