What was the deal with Hitlers mustache?

That was a funny little mustache. I’ve never seen a picture of anyone with a mustache like that. Was that mustache in style back then? What was it called? Now, its just called a Hitler mustache. I suppose no-one had the balls to say, “Hey fuhrer, lose the goofy tache”. Did he think it was cool? Dumbass.

Definitely a call for the Search function.
we just did this last summer:


Say what you will about it, but he single-handedly cornered the market on that mustache.

It’d be like following John Holmes in a gangbang. Oh, it’d still be a mustache, but you get the sinking feeling that a bigger man has beaten you to the punch and mustachioed much better than you could ever hope to mustache.

…however one “mustaches”.

It’s a toothbrush moustache. I think it was quite stylish in the twenties and thirties… until Hitler ‘claimed’ it. Charlie Chaplin had one.

I’ve seen pictures of Hitler with other 'staches. Trust me, this one looks best on him.

I’ve heard that Hitler had the mustache to distract attention away from his horrible teeth (have you ever seen a pic of him flashing a toothy grin?), whether it is true I’m not sure.

I thought the pencil thin moustache of the same era was stupider, but it was big with movie stars, so what do I know.

FWIW, I know one guy who wears the ‘Hitler Stache’ today. he actually looks like a younger, slimmer Hitler! Stand-up guy though.