Why we have jerks.

Why we have jerks.

Nice! :smiley:

I always thought it was to make the rest of us look good…in comparison.

I hear it’s highly contagious.

Do we have a policy (possibly unwritten) at SDMB of tolerating a certain (small) percentage of jerks just to keep this board interesting? Maybe we only cull the jerks here when we exceed our quota of them.

what are the origins of ‘jerk’?

why put people in boxes? difference and spice is good as long as its not vitriolic or attack mode.

you have many posters here who are not amerikan. jerk is a schoolyard bully term. surly educated users can come up with a different terminology.

See: http://www.wordorigins.org/index.php/more/373/

I’m pretty sure that as He was using the jerk shaker, the top fell off and a few too many jerks got loose.

Some jerk thought it would be funny to loosen the top. Damn kids!!!

Surely they indeed can! :smiley:

They can . . . and stop calling me surly!

Unfortunately that is an old shaker jar and as everybody knows jerks can degrade into assholes if stored too long.

I’m not sure it was a spelling error. I mean, if you assume a comma was missing instead, the sentence says “surly, educated users can come up with a different terminology.”

I’m sure we have plenty of surly users and educated users; there’s got to be some overlap. Maybe we should poll those who self-identify as surly, educated users and see if they can come up with a better term than “jerk.”

The better to ban them!

Dude should be wearing a hairnet.

You must have some pretty mild-mannered schoolyards where you come from.

Whenever I find myself wanting to call someone a bad name, I substitute “jerk” and feel satisfied that I have not engaged in hyperbole. That’s one lesson I carry with me from SDMB.

WARNING! Uses adult language.

Might not be safe for work, but makes the point very clearly, I think.


My phone just rang, and the caller ID said “Jerk Store.” Any of you know what this could be about?

Well, if they’re calling you, it’s because you’re their best customer.

And feeding them to lions while children watch?