Why we watch Survivor

I have heard some comments from people that they are no longer interested in Survivor because someone like Jenna could win.

Please let me know Why do you watch Survivor? Or any other reality tv show for that matter.

I never complained. She’s hot.

Odd username… More… um… unique.

we watch Survivor cuz nothing else is on TV worth our attention and addiction.

people who say they won’t watch cuz the whore Jenna won, are just being dramatic, they’ll tune in and watch Survivor again…

I cannot honestly say that I have ever watched a complete episode of Survivor. I can honestly say that I probably never will.

WE don’t watch 'em, never, not ever, none of 'em at no time.

I don’t watch it because I worry about catching a survirus. That worry is only heightened now that I know there’s such a field as survirology.

Is there anyone out there willing to admit they watch reality tv?
I admit it. If you have any insights into why you watch, or why your friends or family watch, please let me know.

I watch it because I enjoy it. I feel that unlike most reality shows, the gimmickry level is kept to a minimum which allows the show to display the players’ personalities rather than the producers’ ingenuity.

If survirus is a disease, it is important to find out how it is spread to keep it from further spread.
If we can find out why people watch, there may be a way to prevent it from becoming pandemic.

Good thread idea, the only way we will find out why is by asking people, I have some theories myself, and I’m interested to see what people say.

I can’t say I’m a big watcher f such programmes, not having my own TV right now doesn’t help, but I think, personally it’s a mixture of a few things:

Voyeurism, we like to watch other peoples lives, and then talk (bitch) about them. Everybody loves gossip, these provide an endless source, they’re better than soaps because they’re real people!

Or maybe for some pysco/socio-analysis angle?

Survivor is a little different to Big Brother, in that it pits human beings against the wild, so maybe it’s the desire to see human beings overcome a challenge.

Maybe it’s emotional investment in the characters, we watch the first episode, get to know the people, who we like dislike, and want to find out what happens to them.

Maybe the design of such programmes provides a natural cliff-hanger at the end of each episode.

Either way they are cheap TV, and watched by millions, and keep making big profits, while they do they’re here to stay.

I watch for the competitions. I usually fast forward through the tribal council process, since Jeff always says the same things. Why sit through 15 minutes of build up when you can know the outcome in 2?