Why were guys so excited about the Olsen twins turning 18?

I know the obvious answer will be, “HOT BLONDE TWINS WHO ARE NOW LEGAL!” But I always thought they were homely ass babies, goblin like little kids, and troll-y teenagers. I mean, this isn’t some, “You guys are pedophiles for liking these girls when they were under eighteen! All of you!” thread. I can see why guys think, say, Miley Cyrus is attractive. Or a variety of younger looking actresses. But the Olsens? Oh god, no.

Does anyone actually think they’re hot? To me the concept of waking up as an Olsen twin would send me into a Kafka-esque nightmare.

For a guy the idea is to wakeup between the Olsen twins.


I think the OP is implying he’d rather a crocodile wake up between the Olsen twins.

They were cute kids who grew up to look like heroine addicts.

Well, I’m actually a girl. And the idea of looking like one of them is heinous. I never thought they were remotely cute or attractive.

The OP is a female, but I am male and with her on this one. To me they’ve always looked a bit like wide mouthed frogs.

That, and I think it’s kind of disgusting to “wait for girls to be legal”, unless maybe you’re just a bit older than them. But I’m way to old to be worrying about when someone is going to turn 18. Heck, that’s just barely ripe. I’d leave them on the shelf for another 10-15 years.

That, too, but I mean, there are some people who I can see, “OK, she’s pretty attractive and looks much older” or “She’s going to be a knockout when she’s older.” But the Olsens just look so creepy to me. As kids, they didn’t look like the types who would turn out attractive and as adults, they look horrifying still.

Plus, any time you bring up the “fantasizing about younger girls is sort of vaguely creepy,” you get, “Uh, no, it’s biology and for generations girls have been getting married and having babies before they were out of diapers, you prude, deal with it, now would you rather fuck Miley Cyrus up the ass or the vag first when she hits eighteen?”

Eye of the beholder and all that.

They’re not the most ravishingly beautiful women I’ve ever seen, and I certainly wasn’t eagerly waiting for them to turn 18 (I only knew about that because someone brought it up). But if someone asks me if I’d hit that, and I bother to search for a photo, then honestly? Yeah.

They’re gross. Uncute as kids, and (better looking) but still unattractive as adults.

Lance Armstrong had access to his first wife, and Sheryl Crow, and went with one of them instead. Clearly the cancer treatments affected his brain…

I think it was mostly in jest, playing on the very stereotype you are invoking. It was funny because it seemed so “wrong” to look at the Full House girls that way.

I’m not sure what they have done to deserve being called gross trolls. It isn’t their fault they are not physically attractive.

That kind of talk is really more about transgressive humor than earnest attraction, especially if the girls have wholesome, pristine images. It’s all about the humor derived from the shock value of somebody saying it. It generally isn’t serious.

I think it’s one of those memes that guys just go with. Someone out there found them attractive, most guys would (in a fantasy world) hit anything out there vaguely symmetrical, so not much resistance. But comparatively speaking I think most guys would look elsewhere. This is the kind of shit they would have on The Man Show, or in Maxim. It’s typical male groupthink, but I have never known a guy to actively say that the Olsen twins are hot.

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Yeah, true. I guess they are the only little kids I know who were literally famous in diapers. Plus there was that whole, “Full House as a pedophile’s dream sitcom” joke.

Maybe I’m getting old–well, there’s no maybe about it–but I can’t see Miley Cyrus as anything but a sexless little girl. Isn’t she about 14?

She’s about seventeen, going on eighteen, now.

You didn’t see that pole dance, did you?

To me they’d be fine if they’d get some weight on them. There are far uglier people in Hollywood that people think are hot.

Paris Hilton.

I’m not sure I even want to.

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Holy Zeus!

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