Why?Why be a jerk...even though I sort of know why..

So, last night I was in bad shape. Bad enough that I went to the neighbors and said, “hey, can I have a beer or two, I’m in bad shape.”
Said neighbors gave me two bud lights…sufficient…what I needed…and I sat on their back porch drinking one…took the other home.

Weird thing…for me, anyway…Is that I was minding my business, having my bud light, which at this point I NEEDED ( to avoid the shakes). And someone from above throws water on me!!
okay…I’m a drunk girl on your porch. Btu thre are so many options here. Chat with me? (I’m not stupid)…invite me in and put me to bed? Curse me out and send me on my way…Hurrah…just what I needed.

But throwing water down on me from a second story…just mean!

Um … I’m gonna’ venture into some really murky water here and guess, first of all, that the last thing you *needed * was two beers. I mean, you’re trying to fend off the shakes, you’re drunk on two beers, and you’re sitting on a porch that isn’t yours. What you *need * is a sponsor to talk you out of the beers. You have much bigger problems than whether somebody is a jerk for throwing water on you. Get some help. Today.

Why were you in bad shape? And when you say you needed the beer do you mean to prevent alcohol withdrawals? Because that’s kinda what it sounds like.

If you are in a state where you ‘need’ beer to avoid shakes, you are in an *extremely *bad way. I suggest it’s time to detox and save your life. If you have to go asking people for booze to help you out of a set of shakes, you’re likely considered to be the local drunk. Not exactly a fate to aspire to. Save your life - go talk to a doctor and ask for help.

My impression from the OP was that the OP was in bad enough emotional shape that she needed the beers and to get drunk, not that she was already drunk. Am I wrong?

Are you trying to give up smoking? You might try one of those nicotine patches.

Anyone who needs a drink – ever, in any context – probably has a problem with alcohol.

Yes exactly…to prevent withdrawal.

I’m trying…and I know you don’t understane…

Were you singing when the water arrived?

Next time, instead of booze to quiet the shakes, try mixing a teaspoon of honey into a glass of orange juice and drink that. That got me through several periods of the shakes when I was trying to get sober and couldn’t go to detox. That was a trick I learned from the oldtimers who’d sobered up back before there were treatment centers, and it works surprisingly well.

Also, pick up the phone and call someone. Anyone who’s gotten sober has gone through what you’re going through ahd will understand how you feel. Trust me.

No, I think we understand fine. I think you don’t understand that this is a medical condition that could kill you. It’s not because you lack willpower or are weak or anything like that. It’s because your very cells have become dependent on alcohol, and you need a doctor’s help to keep you alive while you get off of it. Seriously, this is go-to-the-ER-do-not-pass-go time. Don’t worry about the money, this is an emergency. They will stabilize you and find some program to help you get clean under medical supervision and they will pay for it if you can’t.

I can’t emphasize this enough. This is a medical condition at the moment (whether or not you think alcoholism itself is a disease.) People have died trying to quit alcohol cold turkey. You need medical help now. Today. Before your organs start to fail.

Please, I really, really like you as a poster, and I don’t want you to die. Simple as that. Please go to the hospital. Don’t die.

Whoa, wait, trying to quit drinking cold turkey (as opposed to Wild Turkey) can kill you? Like, renal failure type stuff? Man, I am so glad I’m not a drinker now. Not to disparage our OP here, as I sincerely don’t mean this to come off sounding holier-than-thou, but that’s kind of frightening. It’s bad enough that the addiction can kill you, but the idea that trying to quit can do it, too? I think more than what drinking itself does to a person, that’s enough to steer someone away from becoming an alcoholic.

CeilingWhacks - I won’t say anything more than has already been said as you probably already know the truth of it anyway, so I’ll just say, Mr. Social Critic upstairs is an ass.

Oh, sweetie, I think we understand more than you know. Show of hands – who has nursed a sibling, parent, child or SO though the hard parts of new sobriety? Yep, that’s what I thought.

I know, we sound judgemental, and maybe we are a little. But we’ve been through it, if not first-hand, then holding the hand of someone who has. We know two things for sure and certain: (1) Alcohol is not a treatment for alcoholism and (2) you will never do this alone. You are not a bad person, you’re not flawed or of poor character – and you are not alone.

Forget the asshole with the bucket of water. Get help.

Sorry. I didn’t realize why you were “in bad shape” and didn’t preview. And for all I know, you could have a lovely voice. :wink:
Hope it all works out for you. I’ve known people who have gone through withdrawal from various chemicals, and it is not easy (although they tell me it was worth it).

This is advice from the substance abuse counselor…go to Detox if you are trying to quit. Alcohol withdrawal can be lethal. It is one of 3 withdrawal syndromes that can kill (the other 2 are benzodiazepines and barbiturates).
Getting 2 beers to stop the shakes was better than having a seizure. It’s okay, you did what you needed to do. Yes, it was rude and uncaring for them to pour water on you. The bigger issue here is your drinking. If you are trying to stop on your own, good luck. I suggest you go get help. Go to detox and follow that up with treatment at your local substance abuse treatment program. Substance abuse treatment is usually free. Meaning, if you don’t have insurance the State will pick up the tab. Email me if you need resources.

One time I was walking down the sidewalk on a fairly busy street and a guy leaned out of a car and threw a water balloon right at me. Got me good and wet. WTF? At least it was only water, and it was a hot day.

Also, the 12-step program isn’t perfect, but it’s pretty effective. Please go to some AA meetings, find one you like, and keep going. Best wishes to you.

From the Wiki article on alcoholism

To the OP, adding my own to the other voices here…please go get help right now. It sounds like you could be at or rapidly approaching the point where this could be life-threatening.

Holy. I had no idea the (alcohol) DTs could be life-threatening – I’ve never personally had to deal with alcoholism so I guess I’ve never had to think about it. I suppose I thought the shakes and cravings were the only side effects of detoxing.

I hope you get some good help, Whacks – you know we’ve all got your back on that. Virtually, anyway. :smiley:

I understand . Not only as a fellow alcoholic but as a human being. If you need 2 beers to get a fix then that’s what you need. You’ll know when you’re ready to quit. It’s not going to work until you are. As for the water ? Well, what can I say people are so nice aren’t they ? I remember something about receiving what you sow tenfold or something of that sort. Hang in there . There are many people who are pure of heart and you can be sure by them just reading what you have written they are with you in spirit if not in the flesh .

If you’re trying to stop drinking then it sounds like you know you have a problem and want to quit. That’s a good thing and I think we are all behind you on that.

But I’d like to second what many have said. Get medical treatment to help you detox because DTs can kill you.

I wish you all the wisdom and courage you need to get through this.