Why won't the Simpsons end with dignity?

Please tell me why the episodes are worse now and why Matt keeps this debacle of a former ‘great’ show going.
Matt, let the Simpsons die with dignity.

“Simpsons” ? “Dignity” ?

I know what those words mean, but not together.

Ryan, just out of curiosity, what episodes are they showing now in the UK? Is it this year’s (i.e., the season that began here last month) or are you still getting the 2001-2002 episodes?

Why do you think that Matt Groening has ANYTHING to do with how long the Simpsons continues?

FOX owns the characters. With or without him I think they’d continue running it into the ground.

2001-2002 episodes

The real answer is when has any show ended with dignity? They’re all either cancelled too soon or dragged out beyond all misery. Occasionally a show manages to slip out just as the quality is starting to drop but they’ll keep making a show as long as enough people keep watching.

Theres no money in dignity.

No, no. The proper response is:
“I know those words, but that sentence makes no sense.”

People still watch it. A lot of people.

Because even the worst episodes are 10 times better then anything on tv at the moment.

Ain’t dat the truth.

I’d rather watch a bad Simpsons than a good Friends any day.

It would be nice if The Simpsons was funny again. Having Grimes Jr turn out to be Homers would-be assassin plus the reappearance of Sideshow Bob only provided a stark contrast to the genius of the original episode with Grimes and the old Sideshow Bob episodes.

B/C they want to make money. Thinkaboutit, you still watch it. They still make a profit. Matt Groening still gets to hire naked women for breakfast. it’s that simple.

“Naked women”, they’re not just for breakfast anymore.

You gotta admit though, having Bart say, “Sideshow Bob has tried to kill my so many times it isn’t even funny anymore!” was pretty funny!

Huh, I found that line bitterly ironic rather than humorous. Yes, it isn’t funny any more and neither is pointing out that something isn’t funny.

And yet you all still watch. Interesting.

“Everything ends badly, otherwise it wouldn’t end.”

                                          - Whatsisname in Cocktail

Actually, I’ve been watching if I’ve been around for the past two years. I’ve missed quite a few episodes this season and the quality of those that I’ve watched has me wondering if I should even bother with that any more.

Matt Groening does NOT own the Simpsons. He created them specifically because he didn’t want to sell Fox the rights to his “Life In Hell” cartoon.

I don’t know if he gets any of the money the show makes or not. I wouldn’t count on it. Not very much, anyway.

And as long as the show’s licensing and ad revenues are popular, and it’s more profitable to keep making new episodes than to show reruns, they will continue to make it. I mean, this is FOX, people. Dignity? Integrity? Style? Class? Huh? What’s that?

The Simpsons is still the #1 rated show in its time slot. And I read recently that it was one of the most profitable shows in television history.

It would have to fall a LONG way before FOX would think of killing it.