Why won't this pimple go away? (slight TMI)

I am going against all the doctrines and saying: I am not going to a dermatologist. It’s just a pimple. Plus I have good reason not to go, as you’ll see.

I had bad acne through all my teen years and a good portion of my 20’s. I spent so much time at the dermatologist in my teens years I can’t tell you. Mom paid for antiobiotics, skin treatments, etc. Nothing helped.

When I turned 20, I was on my own completely, so no money to pay for expensive treatments. In my late 20’s the acne miraculously cleared up over most of my face. So I have no reason to believe the derm can do anything.

Anyway. I only get pimples on my chin now, and one just keeps coming back. It fills up, then drains, then goes away for a while, then fills up again. Always around my period. And it’s the same pore.

Why does it do this and how do I make it stop? It must never be draining properly or maybe the bacteria that cause it to clog always live in there but I hate it. It hurts.

Any advice? I use good soap, my facial skin is oily, so I use Neutrogena which works wonders everywhere else but not on this little bastard. I also wear very little makeup, etc.

I don’t know your opinion on it, but some forms of birth control can cause you to skip your period. My ex used to use Ortho Tri-Cyclen and skipped her period often by skipping the sugar pills. She had moderately bad acne before she went on the pill, but after she had used it for a while and then quit the pill (mood swings) her acne was significantly better.

I do know that Ortho in specific has been commented on as lessening acne, but other hormonal birth control can help as well.

You ever try anything like Persa-Gel or some other ointment you apply directly to the area? It basically dries the bugger right up. There’s lots of “spot gells” out there.

Do you use a topical exfoliant? Either AHA or BHA (salicylic acid) are topical exfoliants that might help. You would use it once or twice a day after washing.

I actually do think a dermatologist can do something (I’ve heard of them injecting a bad pimple with a steroid that clears it right up), but I understand that you aren’t interested.

Wish I could think of something more helpful.

That was the description my sister-in-law gave to her skin cancer… a pimple that kept reappearing and wouldn’t dry up.

Just sayin’.

My wife’s sclerosing basal cell carcinoma was also ‘just a pimple’ that wouldn’t clear up. I was reviewing our family pics on iPhoto and noticed that the spot hadn’t changed in 4 months, and told her to get herself to the dermatologist, pronto. She needed multiple Mohs surgery passes to get clear margins, but she’s fine now. This was when she was 32.

Just sayin’, too.

I have rosacea, and when it flairs up, I get peri-oral acne, always in exactly the same spot. When I start using the topical rosacea meds consistently (like I’m supposed to!), the flair-up calms down and the acne goes away.

My rosacea was not that noticable when I was in my 20s, so its conceivable you might have something else going on besides acne.

Great. throws hands up I guess I’ll make an appointment.

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WHAT?! The pimple KILLED you?! :eek:

I better watch out a little more carefully now… :frowning:

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I had a reccurring pimple. Went to derm and requested cortisone shot. Worked a charm, pimple never returned.