Why won't you use the sidewalk? Why in God's name NOT????

My daughters attend daycare at a building that is nestled within a large apartment complex. The speed limit on the streets within the complex is 10 MPH so you just putt-putt along, and there are quite a few speed bumps too – makes sense, since there are a lot of kids who live in this complex.

Oh, and there are a lot of sidewalks as well. A lot. Well-kept sidewalks.

But I swear to god I am going to freak out on some of these people if they will not get their asses OFF the street and ONTO the sidewalk!!!

I pulled into the complex this morning, and a big group of people was with their kids for the school bus. There was enough room on the sidewalk for EVERYONE but half of the people (adults AND kids) were just hanging out in the middle of the street. This happens all the time – they walk in the street, even though there’s a sidewalk right there.

It’s just so dangerous. I’m worried that I’m going to hit them, but they don’t seem worried at all. There’s nothing for me to do but continue to drive extreeeeemely cautiously, but my god, don’t they care??? Do they want their kids to get run over??? This drives me batty!

Roads aren’t just for cars. What annoys me are motorists who think their journey is far more important than everyone else’s. So you are forced to drive carefully on private roads, and that makes you angry? Good.

I can get on board with this rant. I drive through sidewalked neighborhoods all the time delivering pizzas, and people walk in the street instead.


This is ignoring all the damn kids who roll their balls into the street, play street hockey, run across the street without looking…

I guess they think at 10 mph, everything is a sidewalk.

No, Virgil Tibbs, sidewalks are for walking, roads are for cars. Especially when you have little ones in tow.

I’m not driving fast – this isn’t about me reaching my destination any sooner. This is about fucking people mingling on the streets where cars are supposed to go when there is a perfectly fine, open sidewalk for them right there.

Unless you are crossing the street, or if there are no sidewalks available, get you damn ass off the road. Just to be fair though, if you use the sidewalk for walking on, I promise not to use it to drive on if traffic gets to heavy, o.k.?

And what journey are these people, who are just standing still in the middle of the road, on?

Roads are for vehicles, not for pedestrians.

It always amazes me in the Pit that no complaint is so reasonable that some idiot can’t be found to take exception to it, usually by projecting something the OP hasn’t said.

This should no longer amaze you. Just sayin.

I should say that I’m amazed by the variety of the convolutions that are engaged in to take issue with an OP, not that it happens.

Years ago, when I was a kid myself, the neighborhood association was meeting at our house. The discussion was about whether to put up signage to prohibit turning into the subdivision off a side road from certain directions or at certain times of the day. The concern was “drivers might hit the kids playing in the street.”

Mind you, this wasn’t a through street; it was a long, winding, dead-end street.

Young me, from the other room, piped up with: “Maybe the kids should be smart enough not to play on the street. Since it’s against the law.” All the adults had a goodhearted kids-aren’t-they-cute laugh at my expense.

The signs went up. Everyone ignored them. Few months later, a neighbor’s golden retriever got run over and killed by the schoolbus. Next subdivision meeting was about requiring all pets to be leashed or chained. More signs, more ignored.

Even as a preteen, I was amused that parents wanted to keep their pets from playing in the street, but not their children… but ultimately, couldn’t be bothered to do anything about either. Three decades later, when I drive by, all the signs are down now. But kids and dogs still play in the streets.

So, I guess I’d encourage the OP to run over someone’s dog if some stern action is desired.

Here in Panama, all bets are off. The sidewalks are broken or non-existent, or blocked by illegally parked cars, so everyone has to walk in the streets in certain areas. Fair being fair, cars will drive on the sidewalk or median to avoid a traffic jam.

Yes, I should specify that I am in the suburbs in America, where there is TONS of room and there are very nice sidewalks (at least within this apartment complex). Perhaps the people who like to mill about in the street come from another area where this behavior is the norm. However, that doesn’t make it any less dangerous. Maybe they all just like to live life on the edge!

Maybe they are Panamanians. If at all possible, Panamanians prefer to drive on the wrong side of the road. One of my favorite challenges is meeting a vendor pushing a hand cart the wrong way in the fast lane of a major roadway.

At least he’s walking against traffic.:stuck_out_tongue: One of my pet peeves on roads without sidewalks is people who don’t understand that they should be walking towards the traffic, not with it.

And in my subdivision, which is going on 50 years old, the wise city planners did not want sidewalks built. Too expensive for snow-clearing, they said, and besides, everyone drives now, right? No one in their right mind walks anymore. In their preferred view of the world, they didn’t put any bus stops in this subdivision either, so no need for a sidewalk if you’re not waiting gn a bus, right? So in winter, pedestrians have to navigate treacherous and icy streets to get to the nearest bus stop which is at least a quarter to a half mile away. You see, we don’t always drive to work.

So I envy the OP the sidewalks they do have. We really miss them around here.

hang up and drive

Stop walking on the street instead of the sidewalk…unless you already have a tombstone bought with the words “DEAD RIGHT” on it.

Many times in the early morning (still dark) I’ve come across a couple who are walking in the middle of the road. There are two sidewalks, both well maintained, in a very safe, high end neighborhood. But instead of walking on or even near the sidewalk, the walk right down the middle of the road. They have no illumination on them and every time I’ve seen them they have been in dark gear with no reflector material at all. I can’t even begin to imagine why they walk there. Personally, when I’m running I will avoid sidewalks because they tend to undulate and be much more uneven than the street, but I’m right next to it and can jump up on it quickly if a vehicle comes by. So I can see that there might be a reason to be just off the sidewalk. But the middle or the road, in the dark, with not lights/reflectors? I don’t get that at all.

Being able to play in the street was about the only benefit of living in the suburbs when I was growing up.

I’m assuming they shift out of your way as you come down the street and don’t force you to weave all over to get through a crowd? If so, then stop stressing.