Drive Like Your Kids Lived Here

This sign has gone up at a couple of spots on a curve leading into town, not that I’ve heard of anything bad happening there.

My reactions are

I am an old maid and have no kids; thanks for rubbing it in.
If I did have kids, I hope they wouldn’t be playing the street.
A kid was killed who ran out into the street elsewhere in town and I know it can happen (even to my hypothetical kids) so I drive with that in mind anywhere. I don’t need an extra sign from you.

It’s not safe to roll my eyes while driving.

A few folks have posted this or similar signs in yards I pass on my commute. My first reaction was roll-eye and muttering “watch your own damn kids,” especially because it’s on a 55mph route.

My second reaction was to slow down and watch for kids, so it does work on me.

I would be out there with a sharpie:

Drive [del]Like[/del] As If Your Kids Lived Here

The sign wasn’t meant for you. Some people do need an extra sign.

And yet I have to read it every day, mocking me and my empty useless uterus.

I thought about being an offenderati and writing to them, think of the childless not by choice! But then I am the one who worries about any way something can be taken wrong. “Hope you have a great day off!” <man, I hope they’re not taking off because of a funeral>

A woman in the neighborhood took it upon herself to put placards on 15’ plastic sandwich boards IN THE STREET that said “Slow! Children at Play”

Target practice is what the locals thought they were.

There are signs around here that just say “Slow Children”. I feel sorry for them.

On the other hand, my old neighborhood had “Beware Children and Elderly Pedestrians” signs. Which was mildly alarming. Were they forming dangerous gangs? :confused:

Well, if they’re slow, I have a good chance of missing them. It’s kids quickly darting out that I worry about.

I don’t have kids, but I can’t see getting upset about a sign like that. My DC neighborhood is filled with Maryland drivers cutting through the city and driving like they’re on I-95. I’ve love if someone reminded them that this is our neighborhood and not their speedway.

Honestly, signage is almost useless in regulating driver behavior. If you’re serious, you have to look at the physical design of the streets: angles of entry, lane width, streetside parking, trees, sidewalk bumpouts at intersections, raised and textured crosswalks, that kind of thing.

They should strategically place dead kids in the street as speedbumps, win/win.

On the other hand, all those “Slow Men Working” signs shows you that the kids have a steady career ahead of them.

Bravo, gigi!

How about this one - a 3D optical illusion of a child in the street chasing a ball.


Meh. I have no kids either. If these assholes would slow down to say twice the speed limit, it would give me a better chance to chuck a Coors Light through their (unopened) window. I wouldn’t waste good beer on them. :wink:

Speeding on residential streets really pisses me off.

You should post signs in their yards, facing their houses that read:

“Teach your kids not to play in the street where I drive”


“Explain to your kid what it means to be crushed”


“Chain up your kids in the basement”


I have been considering buying one of those signs. I live at the beginning of a no outlet neighborhood and there is a parking lot for the high school baseball fields here. People are always speeding by as I walk my dogs. They don’t live here, they are just speeding to drop their kids off at baseball.

So i think it would be valuable to tell those fuckers “hey, other people’s kids live here!”

I don’t have kids myself, by the way. I’m not offended by the signs because the same site also sells “drive like your pets live here” :slight_smile:

I think those just train drivers not to regard the presence of kids in the street.