Drive Like Your Kids Lived Here

Buying one? :confused: Do you have the legal authority to put up public street signs? Or you just want to put it on your own lawn?

I sometimes drive through a neighborhood where there’s a street sign saying “We Love Our Children”, which tends to provoke the sentiment “But No One Else Gives A Rat’s Ass”.

This is miles from the highway, on a turn that forces you to slow way down, and right after a known cop car hangout which also forces you to slow way down. Plus, I’ve never seen any kids playing anywhere near the area.

On a bad day I could burst into tears wailing “I have no children and never will! When I’m gone I will have left no trace of me!!” and blindly plow into someone’s house. Is that what they want? IS IT??!!!

There’s a senior citizens housing complex near me that has one of those "Drive like your kids live here’’ signs along the main road.

One of the old ladies ran the sign over.

This Maryland driver will be careful driving through your neighorhood. All the kids are somebody’s and the ones in your neighborhood could be my students.

The site I saw had street signs or yard signs.

To be fair, 15 feet is a pretty big obstruction in the roadway.

I turned down my street one day to find a father walking with his two little kids down the middle of it. While I was trying to get past, he waved at me to stop, and asked that I drive more slowly around his kids.

My children “lived” here? What, are they dead now? Well, fuck the other kids!

How about I erect a sign:

“Supervise your kids like there’s traffic nearby”.

“Remember, your kids are road kill waiting to happen.”

i) Proof, once again, that the English language is in dire need of a for-real subjunctive.

ii) I don’t think you should be encouraging anyone to fuck kids, no matter what has hypothetically happened to yours.

Our neighborhood harpy took it upon herself to take a couple of cones from a building site and put hand written “caution children” signs on them and then place them almost in the middle of the street at each end of our block. This, several months after she knocked on all our doors - mine at 9:30 one night- asking us all to attend a City Council meeting the next morning so we could support her in asking the city to install . . . some kind of traffic calming device. We already have a large speed hump (and signs that say “hump ahead”. That pleases me :p). What I seldom see her do is supervise her two children who play in the street and will literally just stand there and stare at you as you approach in your car. No, I don’t want any harm to come to hers or any other children and yes, I always drive cautiously in residential neighborhoods (though this is more due to watching out for animals, but same results) but if you care so much, keep and eye on them and make some sort of effort to teach them to stay out of the street. Or, and this is wacky I know, take them to that giant park that is literally two short blocks away. It’s going to be a sad sad day when someone hits one of them, and I will feel almost as awful for the driver.

Won’t anyone think of the front bumpers!!??

Hee. I giggle like a 11-year-old boy when I see these at the parking garage here.

I like the way you think.

Your right to have a nose ends where I can swing my arm.

And yet some of the craziest drivers are the parents dropping the kids off at school in the morning; they’ll stop in the No Stopping zone, let their kids out across the street from the school, or go the wrong way up the one-way drop off lane.

I appreciate it. Most Marylanders drive through my neighborhood like the poolboy who’s banging their mom on the side lives here.

You know Child Services have removed children from their homes for less.

If we ALL drive slowly in streets with kids in them, how will we spot the pedophiles?