Funny Signs You've Seen

I recently found a web site of funny road signs (here if you want to take a look). This got me thinking about some signs that I’ve seen while driving, including the following:

  • On US 1 South in PA, a few miles before the PA Turnpike exit: “This Exit – Street Road”. (Was that “Street Road” or “Road Street”?)

  • Two signs next to each other on Whippany Road in Cedar Knolls, NJ: “Holy Rood Cemetery”, “One Way”.

  • On the NJ Turnpike somewhere in Bergen County, NJ: “Three Left Lanes”. (For people with two left feet?)

  • Also on the NJT, hanging below a large overhead exit sign that doesn’t in any way elucidate its meaning: “From Road”. (What from what road? Street Road?)

  • On a residential street in Parsippany, NJ: “Ionic Ct.” (Does it bond with other streets?)

  • In a townhouse development in Morris Township, NJ: “Speed Limit 19 MPH” (“Honest, officer, the needle wasn’t a bit over 18.5!”)

Got any more?

-Andrew L

A sign in a funeral home parking lot…

“Parking for ____ Funeral Home and Playground Only”

Talk about diversification!


There’s a street right near my apartment called Memory Lane.


Before the recent construction near the the Mpls/St Paul Airport, there was a street sign that said:

E. 62th St.

Going up I-26, in South Carolina but heading towards North Carolina, exit for (I belive) U.S. 64.
Bat Cave -->

Holy Gotham, they’re on to us Batman!

Or, something I’ve seen in a couple of places… A stop sign at an intersection. This is normal. What isn’t normal is the sign just after that… ‘Keep Moving’ ??? Help!

<< Drinking rum and Coca-Cola… >>

The funniest sign I ever saw was a huge neon sign blazing brightly across Hong Kong Harbour. It was for an establishment called the Swank Shop.

Unfortunately the first S had gone out, so at night it become a whole different establishment.

I have a photo of it somewhere.

At the end of one of the local freeway offramps is a combination of signs that always amuses me: A sign saying “Town Hall / Civic Center” with an arrow pointing to the right, and directly beneath it a “One Way” sign pointing left. :slight_smile:

I’ve heard there’s also a restaurant billboard somewhere between here and Las Vegas that says “Eat Here and Get Gas”.

Sign on a building near the Randolph, NJ, MVD inspection station:

“Girl Scout Distribution Center”

Sign on a stairwell door in an AT&T building in Parsippany:

“Use Stairs Between Floors Only”

It really is Street Road, too. I have friends who used to live off of it. The first time I saw it I was confused; after that I was bewildered. Who names a road, “Street”? And why?

I have to take my car to get inspected in June, so I’ll remember to look for the “Girl Scout” sign. I haven’t noticed it before. As for “Street Road”, it has a fraternal twin off Rt. 23 in Clinton: “La Rue Road”. La rue is French for “the road”. The Road Road.

-Andrew L

“Caution Pedestrains Slippery When Wet”

one of these days I’m going to (very neatly) alter it to read:

“Caution: Pedestrians Slippery When Wet”

note: this sign is in SF, CA - if you find it, climb the steps - you’ll be glad you did.

There’s a road in my town called Lovers Lane. I always thought that was rather odd…


im partial to the ‘bong recreation area’ in wisconsin.

In Caldwell, Idaho, there is a street called Easy Street.

My all-time favorite sign is for a dentist on Kingsway just before the Vancouver/Burnaby boundry. The dentist’s name? "Dr. P.K.Ow!!!

(I think I’ve probably mentioned all these in previous threads, but it’s been a while.)

On 880 in California, somewhere near San Leandro or Hayward, there is the exit sign for :

A Street Downtown. (Could they be a little more specific? [sup]*[/sup])

On I-5 in Washington, there’s an exit that reads :

Fort Lewis
No. Fort Lewis

I want to erase the period.

And of course, my favorite, though I don’t know if it is still there is on I-5 near Weed, California. At the end of the offramp is the sign at the intersection :

<---- College
Weed ----->

(Yes, you will have to make a choice there.)
[sup]*[/sup] Um, yeah, I do realize what street this leads to.

On the way to my sister’s house, there is a sign for a dirt and gravel road called “Hard Times Road”. Don’t think I’d want to move there.

On the way to Louisiana there is a sign for Tickfaw. It’s a town, I guess. That always amuses me.

In New Orleans in a friend’s old neighborhood there was a sign that read: “Attention Nexus Customers: Do Not Park On Tasty Property. Violaters Will be Towed.”

The sign was in a Tastee Donuts parking lot. But since then I’ve wanted a t-shirt that said ‘do not park on tasty property’.

There’s one in a town near my college that says “City of Gas City City Hall”. I guess they really want to drive the whole “city” point home, although IMHO it barely qualifies as a village.

I swear this is true. In the neighborhood I grew up in, (Midfield,AL) the middle school has but one street in front of it. And yes, this is the only way in and out of the school. Granted that the road goes both directions, but the most popular direction is to take a left at the light and the school is on the left but there are numerous signs that say no left turn. Um… excuse me how the hell am I suposed to pick my children up?..Answer: Hell if I know the signs are still there and the issue has been addressed. I guess they want you go completely out of you way and come through a neighborhood that is at best…questionable…if you know what I mean. Not particularly funny, but kinda weird.

Near my high school was “Lois Lane”. Who wants to guess how many times that got stolen?

A billboard: “If you’re waiting for a sign from God, this is it.” Just made me giggle to see someone taking that literally.

“Caution: Trucks turning on Damn Road.” A typo in a temporary sign. Should have been Dam Road. (Hi, Opal!)

Somewhere in Portland, OR (a number of years ago, so may not be there anymore) a sign in front of an antique shop: “Antiques, New and Used”

Off ramp on I-40 going through Texas, “Sore Finger Road.”

Also “Stink Creek”

Huge sign on a radside cafe in Vernon, TX: “Squirrely Shirley’s Truck Stop”