Funny sign juxtapositions

What? Chaim, the Orthodox Jew, has a dirty mind? 'Fraid so. I was in a municipal building earlier today and I saw two signs on the same door which had me cracking up:



Okay, anyone else see something like that recently?

In the small town where I live the gas station has a signboard out front with the following message:


In South Carolina, there are communities named “Clinton” and “Prosperity.”

There are some intersections with the signs for Clinton showing an arrow in one direction, and an arrow for Prosperity going in the other.

…there was a gas station sign sign along interstate 80 near Vallejo. It was also a sign for a restaurant. Nearly 150 feet high (or so I remember) on twin steel pillars, it declared for all to see:[ul]FOOD
[/ul]Every time we went to see Grandma in San Jose, we’d see that sign from miles away, and joke about it for the next 20 minutes.

Eventually, the sign came down. Maybe the restaurant finally figured out that this juxtaposition of words did not speak well of the quality of their food?


There’s a spot in North Seattle, one of those residential areas where they put traffic islands in the intersections. On one side there’s a One Way sign pointing south, and on the other, a One Way sign pointing north.

In Chicago on Orleans there used to be a strip joint called “Top Shelf”. It happened to be right next to “Mr. Beef” - a realllly good Italian beef place.

On a small side street in downtown St. Louis many years ago, I saw 2 businesses making use of the same sign hanging over the sidewalk. The 2 businesses?
Adult Videos and 1 Hour Cleaners.

Stuck me funny.


I live near a building that houses a bait and tackle place as well as a beauty parlor. Their tag line: Perms and Worms.

A local gas station had:
Hermit Crabs
Pay at the Pump.

I thought it was descrimination.

Down in LA, there was street sign, Corona and Lime. Not really funny, but cool nonetheless.

I live several blocks away from the corner of Seaman and Cummings. Can’t drive by it with someone who hasn’t seen it before without it being the subject of much hilarity for the next few minutes. Unless of course the signs have been recently stolen, which I’m told happens pretty frequently.

This one used to be my desktop pic on my linux box, until I reformatted everything. It’s two billboards, one in front of the other.

The bigger one behind says: “JESUS DIED FOR OUR SINS”
The smaller one in front says: “Dunkin’ Donuts”

And they are juxtaposed so that together they read: “JESUS DIED FOR OUR Dunkin’ Donuts”

Well, this isn’t really a juxtaposition of signs, but it is kind of like that. I went by a restaurant and in the back there was a dumpster, and they had painted on the words:

Fine Dining

Very funny. Still makes me laugh. Heeheehee…

There is a sign at a local oil change and lube place, “Enter lube in rear.”

Another local sign is huge and over a produce store/antique shop “Antique Fruits”.

“Antique Fruits?” Sounds more like a gay retirement home to me Archer. My all time favorite is the veterinarian’s office that was side by side with a Chinese restaurant. They advertised on the same sign together. It gave a whole new meaning to the punchline of the old joke about the Veterinarian / Taxidermist:

“Either way, you get your dog back.”

As you look north up a particular street in Pasadena, CA, the mountains look very close. The street sign directly under them says “Bump.”

Well, there’s a place in LA somewhere (it’s been too long for me to remember where…I think it’s in the valley) called “Mom’s doughnuts and Chinese takeout”.

If that doesn’t give you indigestion, nothing will…ugghhh :slight_smile:

As you drive west through Louisiana (LA) on I-10, the roadsigns usually have two towns listed for each exit. I can’t remember the names of the two towns, but it sounds like a guys name. I feel dumb for not remembering the name. When you go west, they are reversed, and doesn’t have the same effect.

Also, not really a juxtaposition…
Out near Bastrop TX was a gas station that had those concrete poles instead of the concrete parking blocks. My dad pulled into there and saw the hand drawn sign, “Watch Painting” He said he looked around and found no paintings, but found out shortly that the concrete/metal parking poles had just been repainted. In whatever translation it was lost in, “Wet Paint” is “Watch Painting”


Someone stuck a bumper sticker that says “I’m a UH Student, and I VOTE!” on a garbage dumpster near the campus center.

Well, I was amused…

A local church has a sign out front (as many do) to display the service times, sermon title, scripture of the day, etc. One day the sermon was on something Jesus taught (I’m paraphrasing, here):

          "Ye Must All Become as Little Children."

Down in the bottom right corner of the same sign, in smaller letters:

          "Nursery Provided."