Do We Really Need A Sign?

Apparently, and I don’t want to start any rumors here… *Apparently, * it’s against the law to kill a taxi driver in Louisiana. But it may not be.

Any other crazy, unneccessary signs you’ve seen or read about? And if you know the back story to why they were posted, share that too.

“Please Bathe Inside Tub”

Dad brought home one from a Chinese hotel years ago. just finished a poll about rather odd signs.

Watch for Pedestrians. um… you mean, just here, where the sign is? so elsewhere, I can just mow them down? Awesome.

Left Turn Yield on (green light symbol). Yeah, that’s the law. Again, is that just for this intersection? Where’s the intersection where I can just turn left when I want to, and oncoming traffic has to stop?

Slippery When Wet. What isn’t?

There is a sign on a vacant lot near Houston Bush Intercontinental airport that says PROPERTY NOT FOR SALE, with a phone number underneath. Presumably that’s so you can call the Realtor who is not selling the property.

Georgia has signs that say “stop for pedestrians in crosswalk - State Law”. Like Ethilrist, I wonder if they’re fair game outside the crosswalk.

There are a lot of places with a law that says you have to stop if a pedestrian is anywhere in the crosswalk or about to enter it but some people still think it’s OK to buzz them so long as you don’t actually hit them.

I lived near a town that took crosswalk violations very seriously. You had to really be on your toes as they’d ticket you if someone on the sidewalk so much as glanced longingly at the crosswalk and you didn’t stop.



Texas is well-known for this rather redundant effort:


A long time ago my city passed an ordinance banning For Sale signs. Real estate agents responded by posting signs that said something like:

The posting of
signs is prohibited by city ordinance.
For additional information about this ordinance
please call
ACME Real Estate 555-0123

Too many people were thinking they could run over a pedestrian and then apply for a Presidential pardon.

Sand, gravel, rough concrete, many fabrics…

There are a few towns around western Washington with signs on the main road at city limits reading “ALCOHOL LIMIT .08%” - which is, of course, true in every state these days.

Besides, who knows what their alcohol percentage is anyway?

On the off chance that this isn’t a whoosh, you only see these at intersections where there is a condition (usually a green arrow) that allows you to turn left and oncoming traffic does have to stop. This is just a reminder that green arrow != green light.

And that a green light with no oncoming traffic means go; some people sit and wait if they miss the arrow, even if there’s a green light.


  • yet some of them were clearly brand new and unscuffed.


  • so, logically …


  • I don’t blame it, I’m somewhat unsettled myself.

Upper or lower limit?

There are some serious idiots around here. They stop for left turners! For me, this results in a stalemate. I’m not turning left on a green light when the other person has the right away. Nope, no way. If the other person was just stalled or something and starts moving, the accident is my fault.

Conversely, I’m making a right turn on a green light and the idiot left turner thinks he’s got the right of away! Scary.

I’m hoping they start putting up signs that say “Stop signs mean you actually stop.” A lot of people around here think “STOP” means “Speed up”.

BTW, in a town near us, they have a lot of those “Stop for Peds.” signs, but they use small Stop symbols on them. Some idjits think that this means they have to stop at each and every one of them, even if there is no pedestrian in sight. Good grief.

I saw a picture recently of a hand lettered sign that read: If you’ve been looking for a sign . . .well, this is it.

In PA there is an anti-DUI campaign involving signs that tell you not to drive under the influence because you can’t afford it. They know nothing about my financial situation, and it seems almost like a challenge!:confused:

This isn’t so weird to me. I didn’t even realize until fairly recently that state law was to stop for pedestrians in any crosswalk in any time. Like, seriously, I remember being fascinated as a kid when I spent a couple days in Aspen, Colorado, and the moment I even stepped a toe into the crosswalk, all traffic would stop. That certainly does not happen here. I honestly thought as a pedestrian you were only supposed to cross when it was clear, a car is stopped at a stop sign, or at the light. The only place I’ve seen in Chicago where the rule is actually followed is at those crosswalks that have the signs up. I mean, I quite literally have never seen traffic stop for me on the major thoroughfare by my house because I was in the crosswalk. Ever. It would be madness. I have to walk over to the light during busy times of day to cross safely.