Why would a neighbor's dog poop and pee on my doormat?

The neighbor’s dog is a year old female chihuahua. I am friends with the neighbor and the dog. I don’t understand why she does this. How can I get her to stop?

Don’t you have leash laws in your area? How is the dog allowed to roam free, if so? If you do have them, a call to animal control while the dog is roaming free could put an end to your problem quickly by teaching the owner to keep it locked up or leashed.

First move your soiled doormat to her house and see if the dog starts using it there instead. If so have her keep it and buy you a new one.

Whenever I find dog doo on my lawn, I fling it off into the bushes (I live in the country) and then irrigate the location with human urine. I believe that leaving your own scent there discourages the dog from seeing the spot as “his” and repeating.

One possibility is that her owner actually doesn’t like you, and has trained the dog to do this.

More likely, the dog was house-trained using pee pads, and that’s what she thinks your doormat is. The solution would be for you to temporarily remove your doormat while her owner discontinues the pee pads and teaches her to use the yard or some other area. Good luck with that.

Alternatively, a pet shop may have some sort of noxious repellent that you can apply to your mat to break her of that habit.

Would electrifying the mat be an option?

Instead of asking us, why don’t you just ask the dog?

How do you know it’s the neighbor’s dog and not the neighbor?

You know, if a dog is already in a squat position I bet they can jump a long ways up into the air.

No leash laws or animal control in Mexico.

I like this idea. As long as it is a one time purchase.

Probably. But I am not into pain and violence.

Don’t speak Chihuahuaese.

The size of the excrement. Chihuahua’s tend to have a smaller excrement.

There is spray that you can get that discourages dogs from peeing in specific spots.



But the big question is where she gets the paper bags, and how she manages to set them on fire.

If you do both of these, be careful about which you do first.

She thinks you’re lost in the house and she’s trying to show you the way out?

I actually heard something like that on a pet advice radio show years ago. A woman said her dog started pooping by the front door after her husband died. The host suggested that the dog, not realizing his master was dead, thought he was lost and was leaving markers to show him the way home.

Some dogs go off leash Chihuahuas are not typically among those breeds; they’re not really autonomous. Also, don’t you have coyotes down there? That would take care of the problem, quick.

Does the doormat say ‘Welcome’?

How long have you had the doormat?

When I first moved into my house, I noticed a moderately-sized discoloration on the carpet near the front door. I didn’t think anything of it until two or three years later, when a neighbor came to my front door for some reason, and her dog made a beeline for the spot and started sniffing it.

I haven’t seen any. But it is very tropical here, and they would be hard to spot in the jungle.

No, no invitation on the mat.

I have had it a few years, but it has never been visited by dogs until now.

My dad did that. A neighborhood dog was annointing his trash can, so he wired up the can to 110V, using a sheet of aluminum on the ground as the other pole, and a 60W light bulb as a current limiter.

He was sitting inside watching TV that night when he heard a colossal YELP. :smiley: And that dog never peed on his trash can again. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ummm… It likes your doormat? You should talk to your neighbors about keeping a dog on the leash.