Why would a web page hit counter stop working?

Hello all. I built a very simple website using Frontpage 2003 about 3 years ago. I just used the front-end design options in the program, so it shouldn’t be an html coding problem. Up until a few weeks ago, the hit counter was working perfectly. Now, in place of the number of hits on the site I see the words “Hit Counter.” I have tried deleting the old hit counter and re-inserting another from the list of those available by default in Frontpage, but that doesn’t help. The website is hosted by the university at which I am a doctoral student, if that matters.

Why would the website work perfectly but the hit counter not?

ETA: Would including a link to the site be of any help?

Well, you are using Frontpage …


Has the web server your site sits on changed?

Yes, I know :D! When I built the website, I just wanted a quick way to disseminate information to my students regarding homework assignments, important dates, and announcements. I post lots of links on the site to help them research their term projects as well. I suppose I should try to prettify it, but I haven’t had the motivation (until now, perhaps).

As far as the web server changing, would such a change be reflected in the URL? If so, nothing’s changed. And all of the links work perfectly too.

You need to talk to the IT department at the university. Specifically the part of the department that deals with Web space.

My guess is that they did some upgrades to their Frontpage Extensions and your hit counter is no longer supported.

While you’re at it you can ask if there’s a way for you to view logs of your site. That way, you can see visitors but you don’t need to have a hit counter.

ETA: No, the URLs would not change. Just the underlying resources of the Web server.