Why would anyone want to drink from a shoe?

I’ve read it in romance novels, I’ve seen it in movies, and I simply don’t get it. WHY is it considered romantic for a man to drink champagne from a woman’s slipper? I think it just sounds gross! Drinking out of someone’s shoe? YUCK!! So can anyone out there tell me why a man would do this and why it is supposed to be the height of romance? I’ve wondered for a long time!

It dates from the Roaring 20s, I believe. Three things to consider: 1) women’s feet were smaller than and the shoes weren’t as bare and strappy as they are today, 2) women wore silk stockings, which are thicker than nylon, and 3) the champagne was probably bootleg and of inferior quality, so the taste really didn’t matter. :smiley:

Hey, this was an era when college kids ate live goldfish, too!

I always it was a “I’ll do anything, even humiliate myself, to get laid” thing.

Same as my theory on liking country music.

I’ve always wondered if people ever really did this, or if it was purely a poetic notion. Either way, I assumed the point was to demonstrate how dainty and pure the woman was. I.e., she’s so sweet, drinking from her slipper isn’t gross at all; it’s as pleasurable as drinking from a champagne glass.

Perhaps the likely participants have a foot fetish?

Also it beats drinking from a sock, right?

If it was a new shoe…

Goes way back before the 1920s . . . I’ve seen it referred to through much of the 19th century, and I imagine the origins are clouded in Perv History. It’s a tribute to the loveliness and goddess-like qualities of the broad in question, as peasea noted: she is such a dainty morsel that sipping from her slipper is like nectar of the gods. One hopes the gentleman gets laid thereafter.

Why is it any worse than doing a shot of tequila out of a young woman’s belly button during spring break?

Well, at that point you’ve managed to get her shoe off. Proceed apace…

Well, a belly button sure.

kunilou, that’s disgusting. I mean, tequila?!?

i’m with photopat…bellybutton,ok.