Why would Scott Pruitt buy a used mattress from a Trump hotel?

Why would Scott Pruitt buy a used mattress from a Trump hotel?
A pee stained mattress would be bought by Trump. shipped to a Trump hotel as a trophy and latter acquired by a Trump lackey to hold on to. just a thought

WAG…he stayed at the hotel and loved the bed and found they were not sold at regular mattress stores. Or he is just a cheap bastard and wanted a freebie.

Serta did discontinue the Trump line of mattresses in 2015. So I guess he couldn’t get a new one and had to find a used one.

Also, I can’t find anywhere how much he paid for the mattress. I hope he didn’t pay above fair market value for it.

A lot of groups such as gangs and fraternities also make a new member do stupid and embarrassing things to make him prove his loyalty. Maybe he had to do this prove his loyalty to his leader.

Alexandra Petri has a theory. My favorite column by her in awhile.

I’m really sorry I read that. Because now…

Yeah, because now I have to read everything she’s written

How else would you sneak a dead hooker out of a Trump Hotel?

Petri is IMO the best political humor columnist since Molly Ivins.

I don’t know why this line cracked me up so much, but it did.

Why would he have to buy it? The Trump Organization could just give it to him. It’s not like anyone is tracking how Trump hotels dispose of their old mattresses. Anyway, if you were going to give it to a lackey, wouldn’t you give it to one who isn’t under daily press and congressional scrutiny?

Money laundering.

Maybe he thought that, if he invited Trump for a sleep-over, that Trump would be more likely to accept if he knew the bed would be comfortable.

IDK, Stormy Daniels and DNA?

Honest guess? A sort of loyalty pledge, ingratiating himself to Trump by buying stuff from him.

I’m waiting to find out how many more people he convinced to buy his stupid mattresses.

How many cabinet positions are there?

A while back I remember one of the big chains (Westin?) started pushing their “cloud mattresses”, which were actually pretty nice pillow top mattresses. There was a little sign in the room with instructions on how to buy one for your home (new, not used) (I hope).